Master Recipe List


One of the recipe book cabinets in my 
Seattle area home. This is Remington the butler......

 Sew whats cooking with Joan Recipes

Instant Pot Main Dishes 
Asian Style Flankin Ribs
Beef Stroganoff
Hamburger Stroganoff 
Mississippi Pot Roast
Shepards Pie 
Spaghetti Bolognese

Indian Butter Chicken-Murgh Makhani 
Rotisserie Chicken roasted chicken, just like the store sells, but fresh!
Turkey Breast 
Baby Back Ribs with a sweet molasses sauce or your favorite
Baby Back Ribs with Hoisin flavored sauce 
Barbecue Pulled Pork 
Crispy Pork Carnita's
Sauerkraut and Kielbasa
Southwest Spiral cooked Ham 
Spaghetti Carbonara 

Seafood and Fish
Chorizo Clams
Manilla Clams with Bacon
Salmon with dill 

Instant Pot Sides 
Baked Potatoes links to Rosemary Smash Potatoes and Cheddar Smash Potatoes
Basmati Rice 
Pasta BLT Salad 
Brussels Sprouts, Chestnuts and Blue Cheese 

Instant Pot Soup, Stew and Chili
Bone Broth
Butternut Squash Soup Jean George recipe adapted to IP
Cheese and Potato Soup 
Chicken Lentil Soup
Chili- mixed bean, turkey or beef 
Flemish Veal or Beef Stew with spatzels 
Summer Corn Chowder 
Disneyland Beef Stew 
Halftime Chili 
Pumpkin Soup 
Split Pea Soup 
Summer Chicken Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Beef Barley Soup
Winter Minestroni Soup 
Instant Pot Eggs 
Farmers Breakfast Casserole 
Hard cooked eggs 

Instant Pot grains and breads 
Monkey Bread
Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal 
Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread 

Instant Pot -Sweets

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake 
Brownie Bites (another use for the 7 section silicon pan) 
Chocolate Applesauce Cake no guilt, glutin free, dairy free, sugar free
Chocolate Creme Brule' 
Chocolate Pot de Creme
New York Cheesecake
Peppermint Candy Cake 
Sticky Toffee Pudding 

Instant Pot Sauces
Cranberry Sauce- JJ's favorite  
Strawberry Compote
Strawberry Rhubarb Compote

 Appetizers and First Courses
Chick Pea Bruschetta - Chef Stebner-True Food
Chinese Spare Ribs Amy-courtesy of Lin 

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup 
Flemish Veal Stew 
Grilled Cheese in Brown Butter
Grilled Vegetable Wrap
Ham and bean Soup 
Hamburgers with Hatch Pepper aioli 
Hearty Healthy Chicken Chili 
Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup 
Hungarian Sweet Pea Soup  Eva Kapitany Grant
Irish Lamb Stew 
Jamaican Patty 
Lobster Rolls 
Mushroom Soup 

Mushroom Brie Soup 
Old Fashioned Beef Stew  Sarah
Pork and Black eyed Pea Chili 

Pork Schnitzel Sliders 
Potato Dill Soup- Boarding House Issaquah, Wa 
Proschiutto and Brie Panini with Fig Jam 
Pumpkin Soup with a Popcorn garnish  
Rueben Sandwich  with left over Corned beef
Rosemary Chicken Chowder 
Skinny Chicken soup 
Sweet Corn Soup 
Thanksgiving Left over recipes 
The Gobbler- Turkey and stuffing sandwich 
Tomato Basil Crab Bisque 
Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Crouton 
Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Panini 
Turkey Soup with Stuffing Dumplings 
Turkey Tortilla Soup  (Perfect for left over turkey)
Zucchini Pizza Pinwheels 



Arugula and Quinoa Salad
Arugula Salad with caramelized shallots, goat cheese and candied walnuts 
Arugula with cranberry vinaigrette
Baby Arugula, Frisee with Goat Cheese Crouton's  Chef Joe Worrell
Black and white bowtie pasta salad
Brussels Sprouts and Cranberry Salad 
Cabo Quinoa Salad 
Cashew Mango Salad
Chicken Mango Peach Chutney Salad 
Chicken Salad
Chicken Tarragon Salad 
Cranberry vinaigrette
Chicken Farro Salad  True Food Kitchen/Chef Stebner 
Cole Slaw by JJ 
Cucumber Salad 
Farfalle Pasta Salad with toasted pine nuts
Field greens, pear and gorgonzola salad
Flat Iron Grill Quinoa Salad
French Lentil Salad 
Fresh Basil, Corn, Tomato and avocado salad  
Grit Salad with pea shoots and pistachios
Herb Vinaigrette - Chef Maurice, Jamaica Inn 
How to carve a watermelon baby carriage with fruit salad 
How to pack a salad in a jar 
Harvest Salad 
Italian Pasta Salad
Lettuce, Bacon and Tomato Salad with aioli dressing
Mandarin Orange Salad 
Mediterranean Salad
Pasta, Pea and Bacon Salad 
Parmesan Pasta Salad 
Quinoa salad, vegan and glutin free
Roasted corn, tomato and black bean salad  
Salad in a jar-  
Smash Potato Salad 
Southwest chopped salad 
Southwest Salad with Spicy Chipotle dressing 
Southwestern Black Bean Salad  Amy 
Summer Salad with Strawberries and Avocado 
Super Food Spinach Salad 
Tarragon Turkey add on for salad 
Three Pea Salad
Tuscan Kale Salad- Chef Stebner
Waldorf Salad 
Watermelon and spinach Salad
Wheatberry Salad
Wheatberry Salad with Fire Roasted Corn 

 Egg's, Quiches and Souffles

Cheese Souffle

Cherry Banana Egg Bite 
Grand Marnier Souffle 
Grilled Breakfast Burrito 
Roasted Red Pepper Tart 
Roquefort Tart

Main Course

Beef and Veal

Baked Baby Back Ribs by Tink
Beef Bourguignon
Braised Short Ribs 
Beef Short Rib Chef Jason Wilson of Crush Restaurant in Seattle, Wa.  

Braised Rib Pot Pie 

Braised Rib Ravioli  (made with wonton wrappers)

Braised Rib Taco's 
Beef Stroganoff  
Beef Tacos 
Beef Tenderloin Steak with duxelles and morney sauce 
Beef Wellington
Bigos - Hunter's stew in a slow cooker
Corned Beef and Cabbage- Jane
How to barbeque perfect Kabobs!
Hungarian Goulash with spatzels and red cabbage
Lasagna two ways- with beef, without meat, speghetti squash or noodle  
Flank Steak with Mango Salsa 
Hatch Pepper Hamburgers  
Homemade Hamburger Helper
Meatballs- The hubster's favorite!  

Meat Canneloni 
Mexican stacked Tostata  
Mississippi Pot Roast
Mushroom and Beef Stroganoff 
Old Fashioned Beef Stew  Sarah
Prime Rib  
Prime Rib- using the slow roast method
Rosemary Flank Steak with Balsamic glazed Onions 
Rotisserie Filet of Beef   

Slow Cooker Speghetti Bolognese 

Smash Burger 

Swedish Meatballs
Taco Seasoning
Veal Ragout
Veal Scallops with Basil Butter and Toasted Pine nuts
Veal Scallops with Mushroom Brandy Cream Sauce 
Veal Scallops in Wild Mushroom Tarragon Sauce 
Veal Scallops with Angel Hair Pasta and Gorgonzola Sauce
Zucchini Meat Loaf Provence
Chicken, Turkey and Cornish Game Hen

Champagne Chicken Breasts 

Cheesy Sundried tomato stuffed Chicken Breast 
Chicken Breast with Apricot Onion Sauce 
Chicken Breast with Honey Mustard Sauce 
Chicken Breast with Mango Sauce
Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mustard sauce or Sherry sauce  

Chicken Cutlets with sundired Tomato Cream Sauce
Chicken Enchilada's Holly 
Chicken in Wine Sauce
Chicken Marsala

Chicken Parmigiana 
Chicken Parmesan Meatballs 
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie Braid 
Chicken Tenders with Champagne Sauce 
Chicken Wellington 
Cilantro Lime Tacos- Nordstrom 
Cornish Game Hens on the rotisserie
Cornish Game Hen with Quinoa stuffing 
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas 
Crispy Cheddar Baked Chicken  
Crispy Pork Cutlets with lemon caper aioli  
Delores Broken Hearted Chicken 
Dijon Chicken  Beginning blog/photos
Lemon Rosemary Golden Chicken
Ginger Stir Fry Chicken
Lemon Rosemary Golden Chicken 

Marinated Cornish Game Hen done on the rotisserie
Million Dollar Chicken
Mock Fried Chicken -JJ's just like Mom's  Figure Friendly 
Mock KFC Chicken
Mushroom Lover's Chicken
Pistachio Crusted Chicken Breast 
Sichuan Style Turkey  (Perfect for left over turkey)
Split Roasted Tarragon Chicken
Stewed Chicken Dijon 
Tarragon Chicken 
Tarragon Turkey Leftovers
Thanksgiving Left Over recipes
Turkey Blanketed in Bacon
Turkey Pot Pie
Pork and Lamb

Chinese Spare Ribs
Crispy Pork Cutlets with Lemon Caper Aioli
Irish Lamb Stew
Meat Balls- Hubster's Favorite 
Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops with Crispy Sage 
Peppers stuffed with Butternut Squash Risotto 
Pistachio crusted Rack of Lamb Chef Joe Worrell 
Pizza made on your Gas Grill 
Pork Oulet Ruth- Figure friendly
Pork Chops with Huckleberry Sauce
Pork Shepards Pie
Pork Tenderloin stuffed and cooked on the rotisserie 
Pork Tenderloin in Lime sauce and Angel hair pasta 
Pork Tenderloin with Port and Mushroom Sauce
Pulled Pork Sliders -Sarah
Shepards Pie  made with ground lamb
Slow Cooker Speghetti Bolognese
Southwest Ham

Stuffed Pork Chop with Mustard cream sauce 
Wee Bears Meat Balls 
Zucchini Meat Loaf Provence!

Seafood and Fish 

Chorizo Clams
JJ's Manilla Clam with bacon
Grilled Trout with Green Tomato Sauce 

Halibut Pie 
Lobster Tacos
Orecchiette with Clams
Parmesan Crusted Halibut Cheeks 
Salmon Stir Fry
Trout Almandine 
No Meat Mains
Black Bean and Quinoa Tacos
Lasagna two ways with beef, without meat -with Speghetti Squash or pasta Figure friendly
Peppers stuffed with Butternut Squash Risotto 
Quinoa stuffed pepper's
Vegetarian Eggplant Lasagna


Aioli Aioli Dressing
Artichoke and Brie Dip

Blue Cheese Dip Ruth O'Brien
Brown Butter Sauce 
Bolognese Sauce 
Chipotle Aioli
Cranberry Sauce- JJ's favorite 
Cranberry Syrup 
Cranberry vinaigrette  
Custard Sauce
Easy Chipotle Aioli 

Enchilada Sauce 
Gorgonzola Sauce   
Grand Marnier Creme Anglaise Sauce  
Hatch Pepper aoli
Herb Vinaigrette- Chef Maurice Jamaica Inn 
Horseradish Sauce 
Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce "Best Ever" 
Hot Hot Jerk Dip
Huckleberry Sauce 

Irish Whipped Cream 
Jalapeno Sauce 
Jerk Marinade   

Ketchup Homemade
Lemon Buerre Blanc 
Mustard Sauce for crab or shrimp cocktail 
Mustard Cream Sauce 
Not so Secret Sauce (for burgers etc.) 
Pico de Gallo 
Pistachio Pesto 
Port Mushroom Sauce

Pumpkin pie Syrup 
Raspberry Sauce  
Rosemary Lemon Marinade 
Salted Butter Caramel Sauce
Salted Caramel Sauce 
Slow Cooker Speghetti Bolognese 
Taco Seasoning a recipe for homemade
Tarragon Russian Dressing
Truffle Aioli 
Turkey Gravy 
Walnut Vinaigrette 

Pasta, grain's, pizza and risotto

Angel Hair Pasta with Gorgonzola Sauce
Beef Stroganoff 
Black and white Bowtie pasta salad
Bolognese Sauce 
Braised Rib Ravioli  (made with wonton wrappers) 
Clams Carbonara 
Cranberry Syrup
Farfalle Pasta Salad with toasted pine nuts
Fettuccine with Kale Pesto- Chef Stebner
Four Cheese Mac and Cheese 
Garlic Chive Shells with Sauteed Mushrooms  Amy 
Italian Pasta Salad  
Lasagna with meat sauce

Meat Canneloni 
Mushroom and Burrata Lasagnette  
Orecchiette with clams 
Paccheri, pistachio's,dried tomatoes & ricotta 
Pumpkin Ravioli
Pasta, Pea and Bacon Salad
Pasta Ravioli 
Parsley Ravioli with brown butter sauce 
Risotto with leeks, shitake mushrooms and freshly shaved truffle 
Rotollo Bolognaise 
Spaghetti Bolognese   

Spaghetti Carbonara 

Spaghetti Dogs Jane- for kids
Spring Risotto
Stuffed Cheesy Shells  Laura
Three Mushroom Risotto 
Truffled Mushroom Risotto 

                                Side dishes

Acorn Squash stuffed 
Asparagus Fries
Asparagus-grilled and bacon wrapped 
Asparagus-grilled parmesan  
Asparagus Lemon Parmesan- baked 
Asparagus with Lemon Yogurt Sauce  Figure Friendly
Asparagus with Pineapple Buerre Blanc
Baby Bok Choy with Miso Butter 
Basil Mashed Potatoes 
Blue cheese and rosemary scallop potatoes
Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta and Pine Nuts 
Cole Slaw by JJ 
Corn on the Cob- microwave method 
Crispy Cheddar Smash Potatoes 
Crispy Smash Potatoes- how to make 
Double cooked French Fries 
Four Cheese Mac and Cheese  

Hasselback Potatoes 
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes 

Joan's Funeral Potatoes 
John Howie Five Cheese Twice Baked Potato 
Mushroom Strudel 
Peppers stuffed with Butternut Squash Risotto
Perfect mashed potatoes with three onion butter 
Potato Cakes
Quick Scallop Potatoes 
Roasted Brussel Sprouts 
Roasted Pearl Onions  
Rosemary Smash Potatoes
Spicy Long Beans 
Teriyaki Mushrooms 
Tink's Roasted Vegetables  Holly
Twice Baked Potatoes-JJ's way 
Truffle Fries
Vegetable Timbales
Zucchini Tomato Strata 

 Bread, Muffin and Jam's

Blueberry Streusel Muffins  Amy 
Brie filled Brioche 
Cheese straws
Cheddar Bay Bisquits-Red Lobster

Cherry Banana Egg Bite 
Easy Banana Bread
Extreme Banana Bread 

Gorgonzola and date Scones 

Irish Soda Bread
JJ's Pizza Dough

Lemon Loaf- Starbucks copy cat 
Lemon Lavender Pound Cake Amy
Pumpkin Bread Amy
Pumpkin Cinnamon Streusel Muffins  Amy

Pumpkin Muffins 
Pumpkin Muffins-figure friendly 
Raspberry Braid  Quick and easy, perfect for Christmas
Roasted corn, tomato and black bean salad 
Salt Crescents
Skinny Cheddar Biscuits 

Thyme Cheddar Crackers 
Two ingredient Pumpkin Muffins 
Yorkshire Pudding

Zucchini Lemon Muffins 

Zucchini Pumpkin Bread with Brown Sugar glaze 


Apple Compote
Blueberry Scones 
Blueberry Streusel Muffins Amy
Brie filled Brioche 

Cheese Souffle 

Cherry Banana Egg Bite 
Chicken Salad
Extreme Banana Bread

Gorgonzola and date Scones 
Granola Cranberry Pancakes
Honey Roasted onion Tart
How to carve a watermelon baby carriage/ with fruit salad
Italian Pasta Salad 
JJ's Homemade Granola 
Left over turkey breakfast (Perfect for black Friday)

Lemon Loaf- copycat Starbucks 
Orange Julius-figure friendly 
Overnight Breakfast Enchilada's 
Pancetta crisp with apple and gorgonzola 
Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl Muffins Amy
Pumpkin Pancakes with Cranberry Syrup
Raspberry Braid  Quick and easy, perfect for Christmas
Roquefort Tart  
Rustic Cheese and Tomato Tart
Sweet Potato Pancakes 
Thanksgiving Left Over Recipes 
Quick Cherry Kuchen 

Zucchini Pumpkin Bread with Brown sugar glaze 
Zucchini Tart with goat cheese

                                 Figure Friendly/Healthy

Arugula with cranberry vinaigrette
Butternut Soup Jean George Vongerichten

Cabo Quinoa Salad 
Caprese Boats
Cashew Mango Salad
Ceviche-Shrimp and Scallop  
Champagne Chicken Breast 

Cherry Banana Egg Bite 
Chicken Breast with Apricot Onion Sauce 
Chicken Breast with Mango Sauce
Chicken Farro Salad  True Food Kitchen/Chef Stebner 
Chicken Galliano 
Cicken Parmesan Meatballs 
Chicken Veggie Wrap Holly 
Chocolate Fudge Smoothie (no banana in this one!) 
Coriander Chicken Wings 
Cornish Game Hens on the rotisserie
Cornish Game Hen with Quinoa stuffing 
Corn on the Cob-microwave method 

Delores Broken Hearted Chicken 
Field greens, pear and gorgonzola salad
Flank Steak with Mango Salsa 
Flat Iron Grill Quinoa Salad
Franks Red Hot Healthy Wings 
French Lentil Salad 
Fruit and Vegetable Bar 
Grilled Trout with green tomato salsa 
Grilled Vegetable Wrap 
Ham and bean Soup
Healthy Pain relief drink-juicing 
Hearty Healthy Chicken Chili 
Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup
Herb Vinaigrette-Chef Maurice Jamaica Inn 
How to carve a watermelon baby carriage with fruit salad 
Harvest Salad 
JJ's Manilla clams
Kabob's made correctly with Rosemary lemon marinade
Lasagna with Speghetti Squash noodles
Lemonade with Stevia Blends 
Lemon Rosemary Golden Chicken 15 minutes or less series!
Lobster tacos
Mandarin Orange Salad 
Mediterranean Salad 
Million Dollar Chicken
Mock Fried Chicken-JJ's Just like Mom's 
Mock KFC Chicken 
Pistachio Crusted Chicken Breast 
Pistachio crusted Rack of Lamb
Pork Oulet Ruth- Figure friendly
Pork Chops with Huckleberry Sauce
Quinoa stuffed pepper's
Rotisserie Filet of Beef  
Salad in a jar 
Salmon Stir Fry 
Sichuan Style Turkey  (Perfect for left over turkey) 
Skinny Cheddar Biscuits 
Skinny Chicken Soup 
Southwest chopped salad 
Southwest Salad with Spicy Chipotle dressing 
Southwestern Black Bean Salad  Amy 
Spinach and Super Food Salad 
Split Roasted Tarragon Chicken 
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings 
Sweet Potato Pancakes 
Tarragon Turkey add on for salad  
Tarragon Turkey Leftovers  
Teriyaki Wing's-healthier 
Watermelon and spinach Salad
Wheatberry Salad

Baileys Irish Cream Tiramisu 20 minutes prep time, 6+ hours in refrigerator- no baking  
Baked Alaska
Bunny Cake "Surprise inside"
Carrot Cake Amy
Champagne Custard Shooters with Chantilly 
Chocolate almond Torte with Sour Cherry Compote 
Chocolate Budino 
Chocolate Caramel Tart with Sea Salt  Amy
Chocolate Flan with Salted Caramel Sauce
Chocolate Gelato
Chocolate Pot de Creme 
Chocolate Tart-Chef Stebner

Chocolate Tartufo 
Cinnamon Ice Cream
Dark chocolate Creme Brulee  easy
Fleur de Sel Chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce
Gingerbread house- Super sticky royal icing 
Healthy Chocolate Molten Cake  
Hidden Heart Pound Cake 
Hot Fudge Sundae's 
Hungarian Nut Strudel 
Hungarian Raspberry Cheesecake 
Ice Cream Bombe
Inside Out German Chocolate Cake JJ and Amy
Irish Coffee Caramel Mousse 
JJ's Gooey Mud Pie
Juana's Chocolate Flan
Maple Pecan Pie 
Mexican Chocolate Flan  
Mini Cannoli Cups
Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream 
Mocha Cheese Cake Torte 
New York Cheesecake with local strawberries
Peanut Butter Cup Mini Cheesecakes  Amy

Pecan Pie 
Penuche Frosting 
Peppermint Candy Cake
Purple Ombre Cake  Amy
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Amy
Rum Cake  Amy
Salted Caramel Budino 
Salted Caramel Creme Brulee 
Salted Caramel "Ding Dong" Cake 
Salted Caramel upside down cake 
S'more Pudding Shots 
Spice Roulade with Custard Sauce  

Spiced Pumpkin Roulade with Creamy Grand Marnier filling 

Vanilla ice cream with a Peppermint Swirl 
White Chocolate Coeur le creme with raspberry sauce
White chocolate mousse with Pomegranite sauce 

Cookies, Bars and Cupcake's

Apricot Bars
Brookster's  version 2
Bruleed Meyer Lemon Bars Amy
Buckeye Brownies Amy
Butterfly Cupcakes  Amy
Champayne Cupcakes
Christmas cookies Part 1 Amy
Christmas cookies Part 2 Amy

Chocolate Chip Biscotti 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars
Chocolate dipped Macaroons  
Chocolate Shortbread Hearts Pictorial by Holly, preparation assist Madison
Chocolate Whoopie Pies  Amy
Cinnamon Pinwheels 
Coconut Macadamia nut Chocolate chip cookies 
Coconut Macaroon Nests  Amy- Easter
Cookie Dough Cheesecake bars
Cookie Monster Cupcakes  Amy 
Cornwall Gingerbread Cookies  
Cowboy Cupcakes 
Cranberry Pine nut Biscotti 
Cranberry Orange Shortbread 
Cupcake Bouquet
Cut Out Cookies that do not spread 
Dark Chocolate Shortbead Cookies 
Doggie Cupcakes Amy  
Double Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes Amy
Easy Lemon Bars 
Extreme Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Five Pepper Cookies 
Funfetti Sandwich Cookies  Amy
Ghost Cookies Halloween - Fast and easy
Glazed Apple Cider Donuts
Halloween Cookies Amy
Halloween Cupcakes- QUICK! 
Holiday Cookie Class  Amy
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes  Amy
Irish Cream Brownies 
Jungle Animal Theme- Onesie Cookies  Amy
Key Lime Pie Bars 
Lactation Chocolate Chip Cookies by Tink Holly
Lemon Bars Amy and JJ
Lemon Madeleines
Lemon Rosemary Shortbread 
Little Monster Cupcakes-kids Amy
Maple Oatmeal Cookies 
Melting Snowman cookies 
Mini Cannoli Cups 
Minnie Mouse Cupcakes 
Mummy Bars Halloween-Fast and easy 
Onesie Cookies- Gender Reveal Amy
Ooey Gooey Chocolate Brownies
Oreo Truffle Brownies  Amy
Oreo Truffle Cake Balls with rice paper butterfly's  Amy
Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies 
Pecan Pie Bites
Pot o' Gold Coins 
Proposal Brownies  
Pumpkin Cookies with Penuche frosting

Pumpkin Pecan Bars 
Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookies with a sprinkle of Sea Salt
Samoa's Girl Scout cookie clone  Amy
Secret Agent Huckleberry Bars
Spider Bites Halloween-Fast and easy
Spider infested Chocolate Chip Cookies  -Halloween- Fast and Easy
Strawberry Cream Cupcakes 
Tink's Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookies Holly
Two layer lactation Brownies 
Whole Wheat Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lactation Recipes 

Lactation Chocolate Chip Cookies by Tink/ Holly
Two layer lactation Brownies
Lactation Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Cream Cheese frosting 


Baked Brie and Artichoke Dip
Cheese and tomato snack for children- Halloween 
Caramel Corn 
Homemade Tortilla chip
Hot dog roll ups- Mummy's for Halloween 
Hot Jerk Dip 
Jalapeno crackers 
JJ's Homemade granola
Pistachio Dip Figure Friendly
Pretzel Bites with cheese fondue Amy
Savory Spiced mixed nuts 
Shrimp Ceviche 
Southwestern Bean Dip 
Speghetti Dogs Jane- for kids
Spicy Cashews 
Thyme roasted Marcona almonds 
Truffle Popcorn 
Vegetable Platter- Scary brain- Halloween 
Veggie Platter for Halloween- Skeleton 
Veggie Shooters


 Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Bark
Caramel Corn =Zombie for Halloween 

Dark Chocolate Bark with Pistachios 

 Turkey Left Overs- 

Menu's and Table scapes and flower arrangements
A Fall menu
A Holiday Table
Baby Sprinkle Shower- how to create and give 
Christmas or Valentine table
Cinco de Mayo 
Cute as a Button Party 
Drink Glass idea- Football 
Easter table and flower arrangement 
Easter Tablescape  2017
Easter Table Setting ideas
Fall table setting
Fall table setting2
Fall Arrangement  
Food Bar ideas- Party Trend  
How to create and give a Gender Reveal Party
How to create the perfect Western party 
How to make a Burlap Placemat 
Minnie Mouse table scape 
Octoberfest Table
Food bars- Slider, potato and other bar ideas 
St. Patricks day table setting
Valentine Table Setting
Woodland Table Scape 

Drink's, Smoothies, Cocktail's and Wine

Apple Spiced Bourbon 
Autumn Manhatten
Banana Smoothie 
Basic Classic Eggnog 
Bloody Bellini Peach and Grenadine
Chocolate Fudge smoothie No banana in this one
Cilantro Margarita 
Date, cinnamon & banana smoothie  helps with constipation
El Chupacabra Martini- blood red
Fresh fruit smoothie 
Frozen Virgin Margarita
Gold Margarita 
Healthy Pain relief drink-juicing 
Irish Coffee Eggnog 
Lemonade with Stevia Blends 
Mango Lasse Smoothie 
Maple Manhattan 
Orange Julius- figure friendly   
Peanut Butter Smoothie 
Pineapple Margarita 
Pineapple Pain Relief- for arthritis 
Revitalizer Health Drink
Sorrel Rum Drink 
Spooky Hot Cocoa  For Halloween
Spiced Apple Side Car 

Wrap Ups- Foods, ideas, table scapes with a theme all on one post

Blog-a-versary 1st year top posts and history
Blog-a-versary 2nd year top posts 
Blog-a-versary Five year- top posts
Eight year Blog-a-versary 
Christmas wrap up 2013 Hangover Cures! 
Cinco de Mayo wrap up 
New Years Eve wrap up- 2014 
St. Patrick's Day Wrap up! 
Superbowl Wrap up! 2014 
Superbowl Wrap up 2015 
Superbowl Wrap up 2016
Superbowl Wrap Up 2018
Thanksgiving! We are ready!
Top Year end posts 2014 
Wingfest-Five chicken wing recipes 


An Ode to Julia Child
A Valentine memory board
Baby Boy Shower ideas! Over the top!
Baby Sprinkle Shower- how to create and give  Eva
Barefoot Bistro Review- Whistler BC includes the Belvedere Ice Room
Christmas Cookie Gifts
Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo II
Cinco de Mayo 2016 
Custom Dream Nursery Gender Reveal Party  
Cute as a Button Birthday Party 
Dog Treats 
Doggie Easter Egg Hunt
Don Alfonso Restaurant  Italy 
Eagle Viewing in Squamish, BC
Fall Apple Cider donut hostess gift 
Fertilizing your cactus tip  
Five Year Blog-a-versary 
Gender Reveal Party  how to create and give
Gerome, Arizona "The Asylum" Halloween
Gingerbread House-Super sticky royal icing 
Hangover Cures 
Haunted House Decorating ideas
Halloween cookie gifts  
Halloween costume ideas  I
Halloween Costumes II 
How to create the perfect Western themed party 
Halloween Dog Costumes  
Halloween ideas  
Halloween Peppers stuffed with Butternut Squash Risotto 
Halloween Treats I Fast and easy! 
Halloween Treats II Fast and easy!
Holiday Menu for a large party 
How to carve a watermelon baby carriage
How to dice a mango
How to make a Cupcake Bouquet  
How to make an Easter Basket 
How to fix your heels- my very first post 
How to make a Burlap Placemat 
How to make a footed cake plate
How to make Herb Garden markers out of a Wine cork
How to make homemade Poppers  
How to paint a Terra Cotta Pot- Sport's theme 
How to Set up and Slider Bar 
Imovie making- by Joan Julia's 1st Birthday
IMovie making- by Joan  Madison Lee Gender Reveal, shower
Jamaica- A trip to the local market with Chef Maurice
Jungle animal theme baby shower
Lake Chelan Washington activities  
Making a "Get Well Basket" Laura 

Meat and Poultry Freezing Guide 
Minnie Mouse Party Ideas 
Mongollon the band in Desert Mountain
Mother's Day Ode to Mom 
New Garlic mincer review
New Year Traditions 
Octoberfest! Part one
Octoberfest! Part two 
Octoberfest-part three
One Year Bloggerversary Stats
Party Trend- Food "Bar" Ideas  
Party Trend - Spud Bar with mushroom and beef stroganoff 
Pizza Smack Down - Party Trend
PooPoo Point Trail 
Portland, Oregon Kitchen Shop 
Private dinner with Chef Jason Wilson-at our home 
Pumpkin and Fruit Dog Treats  Amy
Puppy Themed Party how to 
Puyallup Fair - Washington State-Fried Butter  
Rattlesnake Mountain Ridge Trail 
Rattlesnake Training for your doggie  
Jungle Themed Baby Shower
Seattle Public Market 
Sedona Helicopter
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 
Socio's at the Pike Place Market 
Speghetti Dogs for kids  Jane
Storing parsley and cilantro 
Ten top Produce for Nutrition! You'll be surprised! 
Thanksgiving Left Overs 
Thanksgiving! We are ready! 
Thumb Print Cookies for the Doggies 
Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle 
Tips for hosting a dinner party at home
Top Healthy Companies 2012
Top Healthy Companies 2013 
Ugly Sweater Christmas Party  
Valentine Lunch Box Ideas 
What to do in Seattle 
Whistler- Peak to Peak Chair lift 
Woodland Baby Shower