Tuesday 9 February 2016

Rotolo Bolognaise

Wee Bear and I just returned from a second honeymoon dream trip to South America for a BIG anniversary. Wee Bear really went all out on making it romantic, fun and full of adventure! I will post a movie I made while on our trip at the end of this post! Totally loved this trip!

This dish is my rendition of a delicious dish I had at a Italian restaurant in Buenos Aires. I thought there just couldn't be any better pasta than this!! I put together this recipe and made it for Wee Bear and my little grandchild, Madison.....they LOVED it!! I think it looks like roses! So, it brought to my mind Valentines! 

Also, scroll down for more Valentines ideas!

I made my own pasta, however you can buy fresh sheets of pasta. 

Rotolo Bolognaise

6-8 fresh sheets of pasta
1 lb. ground beef or chicken (vegetarian option- legumes include pinto beans, navy beans, kidney beans or Quinoa)
1 lb. ground sausage
4 cloves garlic chopped
1 onion chopped
1 small can tomato paste
1 can 16 ounce tomato sauce
1 can water (tomato sauce can)
1 pkg. dry spaghetti sauce mix   
1 T Oregano
1 16 ounce carton small curd cottage cheese
1 pkg. cream cheese
1 large ball of mozzarella  

Saute the onion until almost translucent, add sausage and burger and brown.Add garlic and cook for 1 minute then add, tomato paste, tomato sauce, water, dry mix and oregano. Let the flavors meld for 5-7 minutes, over low heat. 

 While this is cooking, shred the mozzarella in the food processor, remove to bowl. In same processor bowl (no need to wash), process with steel blade the cottage cheese and the cream cheese until smooth.

Next, lay out your first sheet of pasta  cut to about 12 inches and spread with the cream cheese mixture and sprinkle generously the mozzarella cheese. And roll up!

Next slice across as if it was a cinnamon roll and place in a sauced vessel. Next, just cover with sauce and top with mozzarella! Bake in a 350F oven for 25-30 minutes. Should be bubbly. 

* This can also be wrapped and frozen at this point for future. I made about 12 of these with one recipe, I am delivering to my daughter and her family ( who just delivered grandchild number 10!) and a good friend who recently had surgery. 
And here is Madison! Loving her Rotolo Bolognaise and of course a chocolate dessert!


 If you would like to craft something quick for your honey or sweethearts, here is a quick link to making a burlap place mat, or cocktail napkin. How to make a burlap placemat

 You can serve this Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee on your Burlap place mat or you can just curl up with your sweetie in front of a warm crackling fire!

A few years ago I made these cute tee's for grandchildren. A great idea for those who have a embroidery machine. Or, how about making home made poppers? These cute poppers take just a few minutes and are made with a paper towel roll and a napkin! How to make Home made Poppers!

 These cute little Jalapeno Crackers would be fun for cocktail's with you honey!

 Traditionally for Christmas I make this White Chocolate Coeure le Creme
however, because it is a heart shape mold in traditional Valentine color, it is perfect for Valentines too! A sure hit that can be made days ahead!

Are you looking for More??? These Brownies have a history! So much so, they were named Proposal Brownies!

Chicken Wellington  And,

Dot, Dot, Dot...  

 Our second honey moon movie in Rio!
Click this Link-Bill and Joan 20th


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