Sunday 21 August 2016

Parmesan Pasta Salad

Summer is in full swing, lot's of BBQ's and we are surrounded by our loving family and friends nearly every week! Reunions are happening, both family reunions and class reunions, it is a fun time of the year! 

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Salmon Stir Fry

Who doesn’t love a healthy dinner that literally takes no time at all to throw together? There are times when I just want a tasty, quick dinner that is healthy. This one can be done in 30 minutes, that includes the chopping! 

Saturday 13 August 2016

Puppy Adoption Birthday Party!

When my daughter Holly (AKA Tink) asked Madison Lee what kind of party she wanted, Madi simply said, a puppy pawty! Madison loves her dog Maia and she loves her stuffed doggies so much they travel with her everywhere. She has a little doggy travel case that she puts her dog in for travel and a veterinarian bag to doctor her dogs. Nearly every time I visit, Madi wants to take me to her play room to show me her doggies. Yes, she loves doggies and she loves animals!!