Sunday 20 July 2014

Quick Cherry Kuchen!

The first time I made Cherry Kuchen, I made it with sweet Bing cherries, the story follows!

My kitchen looked like a crime scene. Red splatters were everywhere... the freshly picked cherries bursting as the pitter plunged through to extract the pit. The juices puddled on the cutting board and stained my fingers. These cherries were at their perfect point of ripeness. Their flavor needed no companion or accent. It is why I kept it simple and made a cherry kuchen.

I then cleaned up the kitchen and went to the store. The cashier gave me a strange look. After I got home I realized why.  Those red splatters were all over my shirt and neck.....hahaha!  Remind me next time to wear one of my friend  Fawn's hand made aprons! And/or checking how I look in the mirror before heading out the door would be a good idea too. I’m so glad it wasn’t too busy at the local grocery. At least no one called the police!!

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Over night Breakfast Enchiladas!

In my opinion, having the option to do ahead breakfast for guests is one of the best ideas...ever!! When company comes to stay and you want to treat them to a hot and special breakfast, it is so nice to just pop this delicious dish into the oven.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Roasted Corn, Tomato and Black Bean Salad

Let's get corny!  Summertime to us means lots of good eats using fresh produce to go along with our grilled foods. I know it’s the way many all over the world eat but, because Wee Bear and I mostly live in the sun, we grill nearly year round. There is nothing better than a salad made with garden fresh tomatoes and when you add roasted corn, you boost flavor, and with a can of black beans from the pantry you add more texture, taste and protein. The trio brightens together with the help from the seasoned vinegar bath mixed with the delight of red onions and peppers.