Wednesday 7 March 2012

First post from Jamaica Mon!

Okay fans! I am away from home, but, want to start giving you some idea's! I found this blog and thought you would enjoy!! I am thinking I will make a nice green pair for St. Patrick's Day dinner at Ruth and Jim's house. Other idea's are to paint the bottom of the shoe red, a Louboutin look. Some shoe shop's have red rubber soles that they can put on and make your shoes last longer. Chick's on Mercer Island, Washington state has the red rubber. Hmmmm wonder if they have green for St. Patrick's day???  Fix your heels!


  1. Love the new blog! I will be taking my Louboutin's into the shoe shop to get the red rubber soles!

  2. Amy, you will love Chick's on Mercer Island! I take my shoes there, before I wear them! The sole they put on makes the shoe last for a very long time and you won't slip! I also have them take off the heel tap and put their heel taps on, as they last longer. Chick's has a large inventory of walking, hiking and therapeutic shoes, plus nice socks too!


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