Saturday 3 January 2015

Ten top posts! Year end!!

Happy New Year everyone! I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who continually visit here and make this site possible. Your presence and interaction are vital to going forward and I appreciate all the sharing of recipes you do with family and friends.

Many of you have been here since the beginning (almost 3 years ago). Together we have built quite a food community that continues to grow, flourish and only get better in 2015. 

Followers are well over 100,000 on Goggle, Goggle plus, Twitter, Facebook, Craftsy, email and Pinterest. I will compile the numbers on our third anniversary.

It's always fun to look back over the years and see which recipes have been popular.

Let's see if some of your favorites made the list!!

Number 10-

Top Healthy Companies of 2013

Looks like the masses are interested in getting into a healthy work environment! Look for top Healthy Companies of 2014 on "Sew whats cooking with Joan" in the near future.

Number 9

Cinnamon Pinwheels

This cookie is sure to remind you of your favorite morning treat and did for the masses in 2014. The balance of sweet, spice, and everything nice in this recipe makes for a fanciful addition to any morning coffee break or afternoon tea. And the kiddo's...well, they can help make these tasty creations and for sure they will want to eat them, careful though...I should put a warning label on the plate....."Addictive"!!

Number 8

Baby Boy Shower Idea's

There seems to be a baby boom, and I can attest to that within our family!! We went from 0 to 7 in 4 years and there are two more in the oven as I write this! 
Party giver's are wanting to put together a dream baby shower these days. On this blog I gave plenty of ideas! The party is all about the parents-to-be and the hopes and dreams for their beautiful baby boy or girl.

Number 7

Chocolate Whoopie Pies!

This blog written by "Sweet One" in February of 2013, remains in the top 10 blogs! It is delish!

Number 6

Let's make Gourd Art

"Gourd Art", becoming more and more popular! This blog written in November of 2012,  in the top blogs, 2 years later.

Number 5

Extreme Chocolate Chip Cookies

No kidding, chocolate is good for you!! These cookies are not only number 5 blog, they are the most requested cookie for me to bring to a party, a house warming or when one of my friends is recovering from a surgery, etc. They are "Extreme--ly" GOOD!! 

Number 4

Chicken Farro Salad

Getting into a healthy life style for 2015, this is a great start! Number four blog, this is a delicious salad, made by Chef Michael Stebner of True Food Kitchen, a Fox concept.

Number 3

Two Layer Lactation Brownies

This fabulous brownie comes in at number 3!! This is a brownie filled with ingredients to help lactating Mom's produce more milk... it works!!

Number 2

How to make a Tuffet!

A couple of years ago I took a "Tuffet" class with my friend Fawn, from Myra at Northwest Quiltworks in Bellevue,Wa. We had so much fun and started making  the cutest little footstools/child's tuffet. I thought, what a perfect gift for a child! They just love to sit and have their Mom, Dad, Grandpa or Grandma read them a story. Story time was big in my children's lives, they still remember that special time. And now, I am making these tuffet's for my Grandchildren, on their first Birthday, so that they can have their own special seat for story time. Wee Bear buys three story books to complete our traditional 1st Birthday gift to our grandchildren. This blog has gotten so much action and the emails to me are in the hundreds!!

The Number 1 post-

How to carve a Watermelon Baby Carriage

This cute little carriage has been a number one post for two years!! If you are hosting a baby shower sometime in the future, you may be thinking about cute centerpiece ideas for the main table of your party or for the food buffet. From flowers, balloons, apothecary candy to diaper cakes, there are so many options for celebrating the upcoming birth of a tiny baby. 

Happy New year!! 

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