Friday 1 February 2013

Valentine Poppers!! Embroidered Tee's for the Grandchildren!

There's no reason to buy those cheesy pre-packaged valentine cards when making homemade Valentine's Day gifts is as easy as this! These Valentine Candy Poppers are the simplest Valentines Day craft for kids to make for their friends or for you to make for your kids or Grandchildren. Best of all, they're a great project for using up all of those cardboard paper towel rolls, or gift wrap rolls you've been saving up! I saw this on a morning show here in Scottsdale, and knew you would love it!! 

What you will need:
paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls
Two squares of toilet paper per popper
Themed napkins, 1 per our case Valentines theme or you could cut decorative tissue paper into a square
two 12" pieces of coordinated ribbon per popper
assorted candy, toys etc. to fill the roll
adhesive dots, one per popper (double sided tape or decorative stickers)

Scissors will crush the tube, so use a serrated knife. Be careful to leave at least three areas that are not cut through.

Wee Bear favorite!

You can fill with candy, small age appropriate toys, even a tissue paper crown and other treasures. 

You want to use double sided tape, these adhesive dots or a decorative sticker to seal the napkin edge down. Glue or a glue gun will seep through the napkin, making it look messy.

Now you are ready to give this pretty home made popper, or place at the table when you serve dessert! Grab each end of the tube tightly and pull, the tube will come apart right where you serrated it and the candy will fall out just like a pinata! How fun is that!!
I also made my precious little grandchildren t-shirt's for Valentines day. I used my Bernina 830 LE to embroider the conversation hearts and their cute little names. For my Sewist's, this is an idea!

This embroidery pattern can be found at

Our little Julia with her card, her popper and using the "Tuffet I made her for her first Birthday! Tuffet info on this link:         

Little Emma, a "Fashionista" in the making with her little heart tennis shoes to match her Tee!

Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food fest in American culture after Thanksgiving. On average viewers will consume 1,200 calories during the game and about 1.5 million Americans will call in sick that Monday. (Photo Shutterstock/Lisa F. Young) Photo shopped by JJ
There are many reasons to throw a Super Bowl party or go to one. Friends, family and food are the three biggest for me! I hope you are able to enjoy this American tradition and that you score a touch down with a few of the delicious dishes we have given you, over the last couple of weeks. 

Have fun this weekend no matter what you do, start a quilt, a craft, Valentine project or watch the Superbowl XXVII game!



  1. The Valentine popper was a huge hit with Julia. She had so much fun opening it. And I even let her have a couple of the candies! She received many compliments on her special tee. So adorable! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Laura! We have enjoyed all the pictures you have posted and sent. We sure do talk about the little Sweet Hearts a lot...........guess we're Grand parents:-)

  3. Love this! I have started my poppers with my children! They are having so much fun making their friends a popper! We saved our gift wrap rolls from Christmas! Thanks! Gail

    1. Hi Gail! They are so fun to make, and all the creative fillings are fun! Thanks for commenting! Cheers! JJ


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