Friday 9 February 2018

Instant Pot Chocolate Creme Brule'


What can be better than silky smooth creme brulee with rich chocolate? Creme brule' is so easy to make. Much easier than a cake or cookies, you don't even need to get out the mixer, everything stirs right together. You don't even need to water-bath this version! Make in the instant a instant!

Use heart-shaped ramekins for a Valentines Day treat. This so easy and delicious, you'll look like a professional chef! For an elegant presentation, top with a few raspberries and a mint sprig.    

Instant Pot Chocolate Creme Brule'

2 egg yolks whisked together with
2 Tablespoons granulated sugar

1 cup hot heavy cream , heat in micro wave with
2 ounces of bittersweet or semi sweet chocolate, stir until melted

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

pinch of salt

Stir this altogether. 

Pour into 4 small- 4 ounce creme brule' ramekins. I found mine at a kitchen shop, however they also have them at Walmart or Amazon.  Do not fill to the top as you need to move them into the Instant Pot.

 Add 2 cups of water to the instant pot. Cover each ramekin with foil. Place the ramekins on a trivet/wire rack.

Put the Instant Pot to manual for 10 minutes, then natural release.

Cool to room temperature on the counter for 30 minutes and then refrigerate, two hours. Can be made a day ahead to this point.

Top with granulated sugar or dusting sugar and torch or broil until the sugar melts and is golden brown.

I like to garnish with strawberries or raspberries and a sprig of mint when available!


Here are some other idea's for a romantic yummy surprise for your Valentines! Just click the title to go to the recipe!

Better than SEX Chocolate Lava Cake!

Hidden Heart Pound Cake

The hidden heart Pound cake is so easy and fun for your kids! Such a cute surprise for their breakfast treat, in their lunch box or with milk for a after school treat!

Valentines lunch ideas!

Rotolo Bolognese
Tenderloin Steak with duxelles and morney sauce
Dark Chocolate Creme Brule'

For the crafty ones! I made these cute burlap placemats to use while we celebrate in Jamaica! Here's a link to how to make them Valentine Burlap Place mats.

This Chicken Wellington is so elegant and delicious!

Grand Marnier Souffle

I love Valentines day and always plan a nice surprise for Wee Bear! Most February's we are in Jamaica enjoying a relaxing ocean fix! I usually embroider some boxers for him or get him a box of his favorite candies. Sometimes I make him a coupon book with cute coupons he can turn in to me..... a back rub, his favorite dinner or a foot massage...... 

Happy Valentines Day! Cheers! JJ


  1. I made this for Valentines, turned out perfect! Delicious! thanks!mel

  2. I've made this several times. Always a hit!

  3. I made this last night for St. Patrick’s dinner, best part of the meal. Can’t go wrong with the IP for creme brûlée!


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