Sunday 6 August 2017

Slider Bar Set Up!

Summer is in full swing! Wee Bear and I are having so much fun with our new adventure! Aria our new motorhome! She is a majestic beauty and is taking us to some new places on the bucket list!

I love to have fun......who doesn't? To me a slider bar screams FUN! I have put some ideas together and a couple links for your Summer Fun Recipe!


I put my sliders on a tiered platform to add interest to the bar, instead of using the white ceramic plates that came with my tiered platform, I used some cedar planks I had for barbecuing. I just liked the look! I made beef sliders and Pulled Pork Sliders, howeverthere are lot's of options for sliders. Salmon, Tuna, chicken, taco are some tasty options for your slider bar! 

I put my sauces in wide mouth 1/2 pint canning jars and used a stamp set I had to label wood tongue depressors I bought on Amazon.  I put lot's of tiny spoons and a landing jar for people to taste the sauce and make their decisions .....which sauce?? Have a little jar nearby for used spoons.

I had freshly made coleslaw for the pulled pork sliders, and a variety of cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon and onion for the burgers.

A neighboring station was the side dish station, crispy french fries, bacon wrapped corn on the cob, potato salad and wedges of seedless watermelon.

I have created several different bars for events, go to my Party Bar Ideas.

Today we are enjoying the annual Seattle Seafair Blue Angels Air show and of course our annual party! I have created a dessert bar and will be serving delicious Rotisserie Filet of Beef on crispy crostini with three sauces, horseradish, creamy horseradish and "Not So Secret Sauce"! YUM!!!!


  1. Great post. Like the details alot. GH

  2. Fun set up! thanks for posting. Sue


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