Friday 4 January 2013

Bearfoot Bistro review! The Experience!

We were told no visit to Whistler is complete without an evening at the Bearfoot Bistro. We arrived to Whistler for the annual family vacation minus a few family skiers/boarders who needed to cancel for various reasons. Three hours later we found ourselves seated and enjoying a spectacular meal created by award-winning Executive Chef Melissa Craig. 

Our dining experience started with a warm greeting from our host who seated us immediately and took our coats to a coat room. The baby grand piano set the tone of the restaurant which was sophisticated but relaxed. We were then  given options for experiences we could have or not have during our dining experience. We were left for a few minutes to discuss our options, during which time, our personal bartender with trolley rolled up with drink options. We decided on Shade Jade 2 Phrog gin martinis for Amy and I, TT opted for the French 75 martini, while Bill stuck to his safe harbor, Cabernet to get the party started!

We opted for the three course tasting menu, $96.00.....yes this is a pricey restaurant, but worth it!

First course for Amy and I!

TT and Wee Bear's first course the onion soup which was delightful. It is a pleasant and subtle, very nice.

We all had the tenderloin with rosti's (potato skillet) as a substitute for the Yorkshire pudding offered on the menu, no problem. The boys actually got the Yorkshire too!! I had fresh black truffle shaved onto mine:-))

Next, we were escorted into the cold and experienced an exhilarating flight of sub-zero vodka. They provide the parka. Just bring your sense of adventure.

Our host selecting our parkas!
At -32C (-25F) the Belvedere Ice Room is the world’s coldest vodka tasting room – and the only permanent sub-zero vodka room in Canada. With more than 50 vodkas from across the globe, and examples distilled from everything from rye, wheat and soya to hemp seeds, this is a unique experience!

Honestly, I could not have cast a better player for this experience! He looks like he is straight out of "From Russia with love" James Bond!!

Wrapped in our Canada Goose, Arctic-ready parkas, we felt comfortable and cozy as our vodka expert explained how the intricacies of distillation and filtration affect the flavor profile of the finished product. We tasted four vodkas, that our expert picked out for us and we discovered how extreme environment enhances the flavor while minimizing the alcohol effects.

Back in the dining room, our server was preparing for us and our dessert course.

I chose

Amy chose
TT and Wee Bear chose Nitro Ice Cream prepared table side with sundae toppings.

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Making the Nitro ice cream table side.

The toppings for the Nitro ice cream, highly recommended!

 The staff at Bearfoot Bistro was great. Everyone was very attentive to our needs and very knowledgeable about the food and drink. Every recommendation we received hit the mark.  Chef Melissa's food creations were all top notch and Chef Dominic's pastries were equally as impressive. From start to finish – food and service were nothing less than anticipated. Vodka tasting in the ice room is not to be missed. A trip to the wine cellar is a must, as there are some truly remarkable wines on site, the champagne saboring is amazing with lots of showmanship (we will be doing this next week) This is a 5 star experience!

                                Bearfoot Bistro
                           Phone: 604.932.3433   
                        4121 Village Green Whistler
                        BC, Canada V0N 1B4
               (Adjacent to the Listel Hotel Whistler)

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  1. Joan – Wanted to let you know that I deconstructed and reconstructed your Lasagna recipe for our White Elephant party. I wanted to do stuffed shells and thought your lasagna recipe was the perfect filling. I used the beef/sausage mixture with the creamy ingredients (cheeses), spiced it up with some oregano and used that as the filling for my shells topped with your tomato sauce and some parm cheese. It was delish!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hope you are having a great ski holiday!


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