Thursday, 12 March 2020

Pot o' Gold Coins

I made these Oreo gold coins, and it took me about 30 minutes! So easy!  

I am having a couple dinner parties, one includes 3 youngsters. I wanted to make something special for them. I had these little cauldrons from a previous Halloween party, they worked out perfect for the pot!

You can find spray and sprinkles at Michael's or Amazon. I found my sprinkles here.  I found my spray here.

Here's what you need and what I did!

1 package Oreo cookies (I used thin mint)
White chocolate
Gold sprinkles
Edible Gold spray mist
wax paper or parchment


Melt the chocolate

Dip each cookie partially in the white chocolate 

Dip each cookie into the sprinkles

Spray the other side of the cookie with the spray.

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Monday, 9 March 2020

8 Year Blog-a-versary

Eight years ago March 7, 2012 I made the decision to dive into the blog world. With the help of a couple of family members I chose a name, and sitting on the veranda of our Ocho Rios cottage I alone created the web site. Trust that the "Sew whats cooking with Joan" website has changed dramatically, since that day. But, my goal to learn about the building of a website and implementing it, stimulating my brain and getting whats in that brain out to you has been so much fun and more successful than I would have ever imagine. Photography was never of interest to me, however, once I started taking the pictures of food, I became interested in improving the photography of that food.