Wednesday 30 November 2016

Proschiutto and Brie Panini with Fig jam

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I seem to be on a soup and sandwich roll, so, here's one more before we jump into Christmas! I thought I had tried almost every combination of sandwich there is, but, when I came upon this at a restaurant.....OH MA GAWD is all I can say. This is one of those died and gone to heaven concoctions!! Every bite is a party in the mouth. This is by far the most superior sandwich I have ever tasted!

Proschiutto and Brie Panini with Fig Jam

Triple Cream Brie
Fig Jam
Dijon mustard(optional) 
Ciabatta bread, focacchia or any other you may have

Heat your grill to 350 F degrees.

Slather some fig jam on both inside of your bread. Layer the prosciutto and slices of brie. Grill for 5 minutes until brie is melted. Open the sandwich and stuff a little arugula in.....yummmmmmm...

Go forth and enjoy!!

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  1. I made this sandwich over the weekend and my husband loved it! It is so good and quick! Sally


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