Monday 7 May 2012

Cupcake Bouquet for Mom!

My cupcake bouquet was a Thank you for our security staff, they were thrilled!!

  I have seen the Cupcake Bouquet on Pinterest and a few blogs, but,  I couldn’t find a good guide on making them, so I put together a step by step photo tutorial for you so you can make one too. It’s really not that hard – put them on some toothpicks into a Styrofoam ball, and pipe on the butter cream frosting.   Done!
I think a cupcake bouquet would be a pretty gift for Mother’s Day. It would be nice for so many other occasions too – graduation, bridal or baby showers, birthdays, as a get well gift, or just as a thinking of you gift, for a dear friend who needs a smile (and yummy treat). This is the first one I’ve made and I like how it turned out.  I used tissue paper, but, silk leaves would work as well as, cello wrap. I thought about fondant, but, after some careful investigation, I found out it would dry and crack and fall off. (Wee Bear was thrilled to be a part of this investigation;-)

The tip is a Wilton 1M and the pastry bag is a 16" Featherweight. The hole that is cut on the bag is too small. Just take your scissors and cut a tiny bit off, and fit the tip into the bag, until you can see the 1M prongs completely (about 1/3inch). This may take a few trims of the bag, but, be careful, don't trim off too much. You can use the disposable bags as well.

What you will need:
cup cakes ( I did mini's)
a flower pot
1/2 styrofoam ball (JoAnn's or Michaels)
pastry bag
flower tip
floral wire
tissue paper

Put the styrofoam 1/2 ball into the pot.

Make holes into styrofoam with toothpicks. There will be two toothpicks in each cupcake.

Take the toothpicks out of the styrofoam and wiggle/twist into the cupcake carefully.

Put all the cupcakes into the styrofoam, carefully. then pipe the frosting on, starting at the center and moving in circular motion all the way out to the edge.

Next, take about three inches of floral wire and fold over. 

Make strips of tissue, about 3-4" long and 2" wide and attach each to the folded wire with a tiny piece of scotch tape.

Poke them in between the cupcakes, and into the styrofoam.

Total time including making the cupcakes, approximately 2 hours.

     Happy 2 month Anniversary to my BLOG!!

 Thank you to my viewers, which now number over 3000!! I have reached every continent, but Antartica!! With many viewers in France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Italy and 75% of you are U.S.A.!! I am thrilled!! Keep your e-mails, comments, and FB e-mails coming, I am getting to your requests as quickly as I can!! This week, will be all about Mother's Day, with some inexpensive, fun ideas to make for Mom! Some of the projects are child friendly!! Thanks again to YOU, my audience!! Cheers! Joan


                            Update on our little Mommy in our flower pot.

                                  Her little chick was born, so cute.

                                                   2days old

                                               8 days old

                                  Congratulations to our Mama!


  1. I enjoyed the tutorial on the cupcake bouquet! It came out beautiful and I really like the design of the piped frosting. Looks so professional for it being your first attempt!

    1. Thanks Amy! It was so easy! We will have some real fun, experimenting when you get to Arizona! Two weeks of fun!! We are so excited! Getting some surprises ready!!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I found my Styrofoam ball in green at Michael's in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since the ball is covered with decorative leaves and cupcake's in this application, it didn't matter. Thank you for viewing my blog! Cheers! JJ


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