Friday 28 February 2014

Chicken Galliano!

Galliano, is an Italian liqueur flavored with 30 herbs and spices, including anise and vanilla, it gives this sauce  a complex sweetness that is flavor explosion in the mouth.

Monday 24 February 2014

BLT- Bacon, Lobster and Tomato Sandwich!

 It’s vacation in Jamaica, where I eat lobster almost everyday for some meal. Because the lobster is so prevalent and inexpensive here and it's lunch time,  I want a delicious sandwich! I want the ultimate sandwich! I want a Bacon, Lobster and Tomato sandwich! YUM!!

I mixed some Hellman's mayonaise with some herbs, salt, pepper and toasted the Brioche roll just slightly because of the extra softness being lent by the lobster salad.  I thought it was important to get a crispy textural layer in there. I spread the roll with the chilled lobster salad, and some sliced tomatoes. A whole lot of texture and oh so good! For added texture, add some Butter Lettuce(I didn't have available).

Thursday 20 February 2014

Two layer Lactation Brownies!

These double layer brownies are so yummy! Even if you aren't nursing, they are healthy, gooey and oh so good! I baked a batch of these for Amy and her house guests tried them......loved! Amy attests to the effectiveness of these delicious brownies!

Monday 17 February 2014

Cinnamon Toast Pancakes- Figure Friendly!

A better breakfast can make all the difference. It powers up your metabolism, regulates your blood sugar, and is just plain delicious. So why not pull out the griddle and make some pancakes? These breakfast delights can still be healthy while tasting like a decadent treat! Yes folks, it's back to health Monday!

Saturday 15 February 2014

Smooth runnings! A healthy smoothie!

Taken at Jamaica Inn cottage 5.

Dates, almond milk and bananas come together for a sweet tropical smoothie with unexpectedly sophisticated flavors! Thick, smooth and creamy and sweet. Just such a treat! It’s almost hard to believe that it’s healthy, but it really is amazingly nutritious. The almonds give you an super dose of powerful plant protein, while their huge quantities of vitamin E will leave your skin glowing. The bananas fill you up with life giving potassium and magnesium, the cinnamon keeps your blood sugar perfectly balanced and the dates give you a very much needed intake of fibre. It’s like drinking liquid health, even though it tastes like dessert. How perfect is that? It will also satisfy even the strongest sugar craving as it really is so indulgently sweet, which makes it a perfect afternoon pick-me up, after dinner treat or sweet breakfast. It only take 3 minutes to make so you wouldn’t be tempted to stray to the chocolate while you wait either!

Monday 10 February 2014

Beef Tenderloin Steak with Duxelles & Morney Sauce + A Valentine menu!

Let's surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner at home! Creating a dinner that says, "I love you", with every tender fork full!

Is there anything more romantic than a Valentine's dinner at home? Here's your chance to show off your domestic skills, if only for a day, set a pretty table by the fireplace (if you have one), light the candles, pick the music you both like and plan a simple yet elegant dinner. Doesn't that sound good? A lovely dinner is more appreciated these days than any present you could ever give.  Let's start the plans together! 

Friday 7 February 2014

Easy Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee!

Cupid Approved!

To me Valentine's Day is all about chocolate, roses, sexy clothes (or not:-) and Champagne! I can't think of anything better than this easy yet rich dessert to celebrate the day!

Wednesday 5 February 2014

How to make Burlap place mats! Valentines or any day!

I love the rustic natural look of burlap, and it seemed to fit perfectly into our island paradise cottage look. So, before we left Seattle amongst lots of other Valentine projects for my Grandchildren I whipped up these beautiful place mats with matching cocktail coasters. You can embroider, stencil or paint a design onto the burlap. I love adding a personal touch to my table settings and you can easily do this!! Really!

Monday 3 February 2014

Cucumber salad with caramelized shallots

This salad gets it's unmistakable sweet salty crunch from caramelized shallots, an addictive staple in Vietnamese salads.