Friday 16 August 2013

Hatch Pepper aoli and stuffed hatch peppers!! Oooh lala!

 Delicious hamburger's with "Hatch chile spiked aoli", "Chorizo stuffed Hatch peppers" and Billy's favorite potato salad.....our Monday night dinner! Yummy? YES!!!!

The E-mail from my friend Ruth (Scottsdale) that started this delicious meal and blog~

Joan - One of the best things about August is the arrival of the fresh Hatches chiles from New Mexico. My sister Bonnie in Corrales, NM is a farmer and they grow these. Delish! Since I can’t have hers unless I travel there to help harvest, I get them when they arrive at the local markets in AZ.  I scored a nice batch and have roasted, peeled and packaged them up for late Summer and Fall use.  There is a batch in my freezer with your name on it!  They are medium heat and add just the right amount of roasted, spicy flavor to a meal. Done right, they won’t compete with the wine, but frankly, sometimes I just want a ‘hot’ dish with a Margarita. If you need a great Green Chile Stew recipe, I can give you one.  Wonderful comfort food. 

Look forward to having a spicy meal with you soon.

Hatch chiles, those infamous Anaheim-like peppers from Arizona's eastern neighbor, are available right now in groceries until late October. Hatch, a town of about 1,000 in southern New Mexico, calls itself the chile capital of the world and produces varieties from mild to triple-X, or tongue-blasting hot.
Most often, Hatch chiles are roasted and peeled before used as an ingredient. 

The following is a step-by-step guide for roasting the chiles:

 1. Because touching fresh chiles can sting the skin, it's best to wear disposable gloves when handling. Select chiles that are firm to the touch and devoid of puckering, a sign the chiles are beginning to deteriorate. Wash well and dry.

2. Place chiles on a grill or over a gas burner and roast about 3 minutes until the skin begins to blister. The key is blistering the skin without cooking the chile.
3. When chiles are blistered on one side, use long tongs to turn them.
 blistered on all sides. Place in a plastic bag, seal and allow to sweat for about 5 minutes. Sweating loosens the blistered skin.
4. Place chiles under running water and gently "pop" or pull off the stem. Use your fingers to remove the skin.
5. When done, the chiles will be ready to chop and use in your favorite dish. Or wrap well in freezer-proof bags, and the chiles will keep for up to a year, or until next year's fresh harvest. 

 Fresh roasted Hatch chile spike mayonnaise gives these juicy burgers a mild kick. Adjust the amount of chiles according to how much heat you like.

Hamburgers with Hatch Chili Aoli

1 lb. 15% fat ground beef
4 or more ounces of diced roasted Hatch chiles
1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/4 tsp. fine sea salt ( I used the smoked bacon sea salt from Black and white bowtie pasta salad blog )
1 tsp olives oil
1/3 c. light mayonnaise
4 leaves of lettuce
1 tomato sliced
4 brioche hamburger buns

Preheat the grill to medium heat. Combine beef, 1/2 of chiles, cheddar and salt in large bowl and form into 4 patties. Brush with oil and grill, flipping once, until done to your taste, 8 - 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, stir remainder of diced Hatch Chiles into mayonnaise until blended and set aside.

 Our Hatch peppers stuffed with chorizo were delish. The chorizo is full of fat, so, lined a grill pan with foil to avoid flare ups!

 The last Holiday weekend of the Summer is coming up, this is perfect to grill for family and friends! My standard potato salad is made with purple, blue, Yukon gold and red potatoes. It off sets the spiciness of the Chorizo stuffed Hatch peppers and the spicy Hatch aoli on the burger and is Wee Bear's favorite! However, you could use your flavored salts in this salad for even more flavor!


  1. Yum! Great idea for Labor day! thanks!

  2. The burger looks like restaurant quality...yum! TT and I were thinking hamburgers for our BBQ labor day weekend. Thinking about making these with your potato salad and of course, the hatch chile sauce! Where did you get the brioche buns? :-)

  3. Hi Amy! I bought my ground beef, Hatch Peppers and brioche buns at Whole Foods. The ground beef is 15% and not organic. It was really good. Thanks for commenting! JJ

  4. These look delicious. I am off to Whole Foods in 10 minutes!! I am making these for our Monday night dinner! What a great blog! Written well, interesting recipes and I like the hike section too! Thanks! Sandy G.- Kirkland

  5. Great blog! My family loves Hatch peppers! More recipes please? Donna


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