Tuesday 23 September 2014

Beecher's Tomato Soup!

I have told you many times how I shop at the Seattle Public Market, well friends, there is this fabulous cheese maker.............Beechers. Beecher's is a local favorite cheese, restaurant and snack shop! Beechers started as a idea right here in our Seattle Public Market in 2002, by Kurt Beecher. Beecher's opened it's doors in November of 2003 Beecher's has two cheese making locations now, Seattle and the Flatiron District in New York.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Risotto with leeks, shitake mushrooms and freshly shaved truffles

The truffle is well-loved in our family and gets featured quite often, when any one of us can get our hands on them. My daughter-in-law, Amy and son Dustin were able to purchase a black truffle at the Seattle Public market last week and oh boy, did we have a feast!! Dustin shaved the fresh truffle over his perfectly grilled steaks and I created a new risotto using shitake mushrooms, shallots and leeks. Making mushrooms and truffle the hero of your dish means big bang for your buck because they were made to ooze flavor, and are best friends with good old staples such as pasta, risotto and ciabatta. And also, risotto is made for feeding people you love, and that’s just what we needed when we had a merry rabble of family round for dinner and a Seahawks game on Sunday afternoon.

Monday 8 September 2014

Grilled Baby Bok Choy with Miso butter

Last week we had friends fly in from Scottsdale to go with us to Lake Chelan. We had a great time touring wineries, hiking and eating. One night we ate in and watched the Seahawk football game. I made a marinated flank steak, fried rice, and gave Ruth some baby Bok Choy to grill. Oh boy was it good! We didn't have the Miso and improvised, however, I have given you the recipe with the Miso. I had brought some Schilling Monterey chicken seasoning, and we used that to make the butter for the Bok Choy, it was good, but, the Miso is much better. I recreated the dish again with the Miso a day ago. I bought "Brown rice Miso", you can use which ever suits you or you have in your refrigerator. I wrote about each of the Miso's below.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Tomato Feta Tarts!

Summer Tomatoes? We still have tomatoes coming ripe on the vine, fast and furious!! This week I'm offering another way to use those plump, juicy tomatoes!! I decided to show off my beautiful tomatoes in a tart! YUM!!