Wednesday 25 March 2015

Zucchini Tomato Strata

This amazing  dish is perfect for Easter Brunch or Easter supper, my Zucchini Tomato strata can be made ahead! This strata.....really a savory bread pudding is amazingly easy and can be made the night before and baked in the morning!!

Saturday 21 March 2015

Chicken Breast with Honey mustard sauce

Today, I’ve got two words for you: Honey and Mustard.

But not just any mustard. Don’t be confused… not all mustard's should be considered equal. You want to use good quality mustard, and definitely not the yellow kind you schmear on a burger bun or zig-zag over a hot dog. I mean whole grain, stone ground, natural mustard or good quality Dijon mustard. Mmmmmmm I love this stuff! Whoever decided to pair it with honey is just plain genius! 

Monday 16 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day!

SEVEN St Patrick's Day recipes for you to ponder! Enjoy!


The queen of Corned beef and cabbage Jane, makes this delicious dish every year for her family. We have enjoyed this yummy recipe every year!

Sunday 8 March 2015

Hungarian Goulash with spaetzles and German Red cabbage!

Hungarian Goulash (Gulyás)

Hungarian goulash is a prime example of how a few simple ingredients, cooked properly, can yield an amazing flavor.  Though many variations of Hungarian goulash exist, I am hoping this one passes the test with my daughter-in-law and her Hungarian parents!