Wednesday 15 May 2013

Tink's Jungle Themed Baby Shower!

What a weekend! JJ, Laura and I have been preparing for this shower for weeks and it was finally upon us! All the hard work paid off and we put together an incredible shower for Tink. There are so many great pictures to share with you guys I am going to break it up into two posts. I want to show you guys the sugar cookie cutouts I made specifically for this event -they are so stinkin cute!! I will blog about those Friday.

Our hope is that you get some inspiration from this shower to use in an event you may have around the corner. Some of our inspiration came from a few pinterest ideas, which is so helpful when beginning to plan. 

We strung jungle themed onesie's to string and attached to the fireplace mantel. Under this we placed all the gifts. We found the foam jungle animals on Etsy. Those finished the banner perfectly!

I bought this set of diaper cakes from a gal on Etsy! Love Etsy for homemade things like this. We placed these on the dessert table.

We decided to have one table for desserts and another area for drinks and food. We strung paper puffs across the window where our dessert table was for an added pop of decor. Those always make things look feminine. 

Our dessert table! We had custom made M&M's, truffle balls, rice krispy sticks, cupcakes, and cookies. 

These were made by Tink's sister-in-law. Rice Krispy squares dipped in chocolate...yum!
These are one of my favorite truffle balls to make! I featured them on a past blog -Oreo Cookie Truffle Balls.

We went a little crazy with the food but our thought was to have more than not enough...right!? Turkey rolls, chicken salad croissants, pasta salad, green salad, shrimp platter, veggie platter and the cutest fruit baby carriage you've ever seen!!
Isn't this the cutest baby fruit carriage? JJ and Laura created this and it's just darling.
It was a group effort for this baby carriage. Laura sliced all the fruit and JJ carved the watermelon into the carriage. Laura also created the babies head which is a cantaloupe. 

This looked like fun to make!

I'll leave you with one more picture -how could I forget the popcorn cups we made....

I'll be back Friday to post about the jungle animal sugar cookies I made as favors for the shower. JJ is taking a much needed rest this week and most importantly, getting started on yet another homemade quilt! I should take back the "rest" part as she is right back in the sewing room!

Happy Hump Day! ~Amy


  1. Really nice shower, how creative! Can't wait to see the cookies! Raye

  2. You two have too much fun! Excellent party giver's, from the Octoberfest to Gender Reveal and now this, every detail is thought of. Just amazing. You two have so much positive energy! Thank you for all the ideas and keep them coming! My kids have all subscribed too! Ardi-Scottsdale

  3. Thanks so much Ardi! Joan and I are so glad that you and the kids follow the blog, we just love that!

    Raye -I am working on that post right now! :-)

  4. Thanks Amy! My girls and I are trying to figure out the baby carriage. Can you do a tutorial on that? Ardi

    1. I can answer that one! I have had multiple requests for a tutorial. It was late at night, with a couple of glasses of wine! I forgot to do the full on tutorial! I took a few pictures for fun. I will do the tutorial on Wednesday, next week. I bought a watermelon today! JJ

  5. I would love your tutorial on how to make the baby carriage and baby! Rae- Toronto


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