Sunday, 21 January 2018

Instant Pot Hard boiled Eggs

Instant Pot perfectly cooked, easy to peel eggs! Simple technique to perfect eggs!

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

12 eggs or less
1 cup water
1 rack or steamer basket

Pour one cup of water (using hot water shortens the time to come to pressure) into the Instant Pot fitted with the steamer basket of rack. Place the eggs into the IP. Lock on the lid, and turn the valve to closed.

Cook on HIGH pressure for "2" minutes. When the beep sounds, allow a natural release for 15 minutes. 


Peel the eggs NOW! The shell comes off so easy...just slips off! 

Here's what I used my eggs for this time, Chicken Pot Pie the hubster's favorite! If you would like to make these, go to the link.

Or perhaps you are making a large batch of eggs to prepare for this weeks lunches. My friend Tammy makes up her Salad in a jar for the entire week for her and her mate.

 Or a center protein for a salad-

Or Easter eggs!



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