Wednesday 20 February 2013

Granola Cranberry Pancakes!

Today's post is a little different. I became involved with a recipe swap, I have never done bear with me. Jutta over at "Hungry Little Girl", started a "Surprise Recipe Swap", where I make a recipe from a blogger who I am assigned to and post it on the 20th of the month. Someone else get's my blog, chooses a recipe and posts it on their blog. I thought it would be fun to do this, so I agreed to the rules. The "Surprise Recipe Swap" is a wonderful opportunity to meet other bloggers, build blogging friendships and explore others recipes. It's also a fun and easy way to add more exposure to your blog - increasing your traffic by getting link backs from others, being mentioned on social media networks, simply finding new followers.

So, two days before I was leaving Scottsdale, for a three week vacation in Ocho Rio's, Jamaica, I was given my partner. She does not know that I have her and I am not allowed to tell her..... Someone else has my name and blog. I went through my partner's recipes, figuring out which one I liked and could make while in our tiny kitchen with 4 different pans, no measuring devises or bowls in Jamaica. I put together the necessary measured ingredients, packed them in a golf bag and brought them with me. I also brought 21 lemons, 12 limes, Greek yogurt, various cheeses, nuts, crackers and four bottles of my favorite beverage..........Veuve Clicquot! What I didn't pack was eggs..........story of the egg hunt below.

My partner is Bibi at Bibi's Culinary Journey:

She started her love affair with food over 40 years ago and it shows in her well written blog. Her blog began as a way to share her own recipes and recipes from her childhood, much like mine. Her  recipes are mostly simple, tasty  and will fit even a tiny budget.

 I chose this recipe for three reasons:

1) It looked really, really good....................and it is! I have made it twice since here in Jamaica!
2) It was manageable with me traveling out of the country
3) My homemade granola, which always travels with me, could be used.

Bibi's Granola Cranberry Pancakes

This recipe makes about 10 – 7″ Granola Cranberry Pancakes.

STEP 1: In a large bowl whisk together Heart Smart Bisquick Pancake Mix  and buttermilk. Add slightly beaten eggs and whisk well.

STEP 2: Gently fold in granola and cranberries. Stir only until combined.
STEP 3: Using measuring cup pour 1/3 cup  of pancake batter onto hot greased (use butter non-stick spray) griddle or frying pan.

STEP 4: Cook until bubbles break the surface. Turn and cook until golden.

I enjoyed these so much the first time I made them, I made them again on the "Griddler" we bought in Ocho Rio's!

 STEP 5: Serve with Maple butter and Maple syrup (optional).

To make Maple Butter : Whip together 1/2 cup of softened unsalted butter and 3 tablespoons of Maple syrup.

These delicious granola pancakes are incredibly light and satisfying. The added nuttiness and crunch of the granola really added something extraordinary  to the experience. Quick to make and very healthy! I will be making this again, here in Jamaica and when we return home...............they are addicting!

If you are interested in joining in on the fun with your blog, here is the link to read the rules and sign up! "Surprise Recipe Swap" is a lot of fun!

 Hunting fresh eggs in Jamaica-There is nothing better than fresh eggs. I grew up with delicious fresh eggs every day. In fact it was my job to gather the eggs each morning. A friend directed us to this local home with a little chicken coop.

 I so wish I could talk Sweet One into a chicken coop. Amy and TT have a large parcel of land and could easily accommodate a little chicken coop. The new fancy coops I've seen in the Sunset magazine are so cute. I tried to talk Wee bear into it, but, he just laughed.........I guess you can't take chickens in a carry on the plane.......



  1. these look great. Saw you over at Feeding Big. She featured you today for SRS. I too participate, it is so much fun.

  2. thanks! It was fun! I may participate again! Saw your blog, love the chicken casserole1!

  3. No wonder we haven't seen you guys - veuve clicquot for breakfast indeed! Neighbors deserved an invite! disgruntled neighbors

  4. Oh you picked a good one! I have actually made this one myself already :)

  5. We heard you were up in Negril for five days before coming home to Ochi! Shall I bring a bottle to dinner or would you like pool side? See you tomorrow night:-))

  6. Joan, these looks so yummy. I am so glad you liked my recipe. I will be making them next time with your granola cause it sounds delicious :)

    1. Thanks Bibi! I love your blog! My granola adds a touch of cinnamon flavor, I quite enjoyed! My friend Ruth told me of a restaurant in Scottsdale that serves Granola pancakes, I was going to try it out, but, no need now! The exchange was fun!

  7. You can make these for us in Cabo! Susanna

    1. I will bring the necessary ingredients next week when we fly down!

  8. These look great! Ruth

  9. Those pancakes look so good!! I'm glad you joined our SRS group!

    1. Thank you Meghan! It was really fun! I always love a good challenge. Getting the ingredients through customs- Jamaica in a golf bag was brilliant! I look forward to next month!

  10. Hi Joan,
    Just read you blog..... re: chickens in Jamaica.
    FYI..... Do you know Rosemary from the C/G Ladies' Locker Room & our resident Florist?
    She just started raising chickens in her back yard for the eggs.


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