Saturday 13 August 2016

Puppy Adoption Birthday Party!

When my daughter Holly (AKA Tink) asked Madison Lee what kind of party she wanted, Madi simply said, a puppy pawty! Madison loves her dog Maia and she loves her stuffed doggies so much they travel with her everywhere. She has a little doggy travel case that she puts her dog in for travel and a veterinarian bag to doctor her dogs. Nearly every time I visit, Madi wants to take me to her play room to show me her doggies. Yes, she loves doggies and she loves animals!!

Holly put together this over the top incredibly cute Puppy Adoption Pawty. It was a huge hit from start to finish! Every one of the guests could not stop talking about how cute this theme is and the details that Holly implemented into this pawty.

First, Madi's pawty dress and shoes! The shoes are Tom's and I painted and made cute bows for them that I hot glued on. The dress can easily be made, however, if you are not a "sewist", here is a link to "Pawty Dress"!


The guests were led to the pawty's front door by these cute paws that were chalked onto the concrete entry way.

Madison Lee and Maia

As the guests came through the door they were greeted by the "Adoption Center"! This is where prospective parents could look at, play with and adopt their puppy.

The children played with, talked to and walked their prospective puppy. The puppies were bought at Target and on Amazon. After they decided on which puppy would go home with them, Holly filled out the adoption papers with the name of the child and the name of their puppy. The children loved it and had so much fun! Here is the link for a FREE printable adoption certificate.

Another fun idea is to have a "Vet Check" area for the children to give their newly adopted pet a check up! Or, a grooming station, with brushes, bows and outfits for the pups. Inexpensive outfits can be found at IKEA.

Holly asked me if I could paint a photo prop for this delightful pawty, I said, "Yes, if you keep it simple!" She gave me an example of what she was thinking, and this is what I painted! It was so much fun!

Some of the adults even go in on it!

If you want to attempt this or have an artistic friend, here is the progression. I used Science corrugate tri fold display board, which can be found at any Office Depot, Office stores or this link.

....... and how about these cute popcorn boxes!  Everyone loves popcorn and everyone at this party had some! The popcorn boxes, banner and other coordinated paper goods came from Sweet Buga Boo on Etsy.

 Paper plates and napkins can be found at Party City or on Amazon at this link!
 Holly bought these pawty perfect dog bone bowls at the "Dollar Store"! You can also find them on Amazon on this link however, they are more expensive.

Look at these puppy pops! Ha! Not only cute, but, really good! The cake, cake pops and the cookies were made by Sweet and Sassy who is in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have also seen the cake pops on Etsy.

The sandwiches, chicken salad and turkey or ham pita's, Asian salad was purchased at the local deli and the fruit salad was made by Nate and Holly.

This infused water was so refreshing and good for the digestion!! It is made with strawberries, cucumbers and mint.

It was quite a project to blow out 3 candles, first Madi tried and after several attempts, Mom tried and finally Henry chimed in with Madi and Mom!! 

The kids had a ball in Madison's pool, loving the grotto under the waterfall and riding the inflatable doggies! The inflatables can be found on this link!

I took a little break from the blog as many of you noticed. It has been a very busy Summer for me added to learning to edit and save pictures on my new Mac Pro. I have many great recipes coming and a couple of themed parties I am pretty sure you will love! Enjoy the rest of your Summer!



  1. This is way too cute! What a pawty! Lilly

  2. Love this idea! My son loves puppies too. Thank you for all the ideas! GH

  3. What a fun idea! Thanks for coming back to us! Sue

  4. Hi Sue! Thanks for commenting! Cheers! JJ


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