Wednesday 30 May 2012

Zucchini, goat cheese and thyme come together!

Photos by Joan Messenger

I hope you all had a nice Memorial day weekend. Like many of you, I was spending a lot of time this holiday weekend with family and friends. My hopes are that you had long weekend filled with a bit of relaxation, some time to run around and get fresh air, and amazing food, wherever your weekend adventures may have taken you.

It's easy to eat your vegetables when the farmers markets are in full swing, or your garden is flowing with delicious fresh vegetables. All you really need is a bit of salt, pepper and olive oil to turn whatever  sun ripened, just picked produce you may have, into a tasty dish. As simple as that is, I more often than not, like to make a vegetable dish that tastes more complex. Looking at different ingredients that will complement the flavors of Summer produce.

This Zucchini tart is complemented by the salty goat cheese and subtle addition of lemon zest and thyme. It is beautiful and yummy! I made this for two different dinner parties, at our home, over the holiday weekend, and it was enormous hit!

Friday 25 May 2012

Doggie Cupcakes!

   Ah, the thrill of the grill! Memorial day is here and Summer is soon to follow. We are headed for prime grilling season and I love to have friends and family over! I love the planning from how to decorate the table, to what to have for dessert. And I enjoy a pot luck, not just because it takes some of the pressure off, but, I love to see and taste what my family and friends like to eat! It is so much fun, just to get together! Today I am offering a guideline on a potluck  dinner I recently had with some dog park friends and family.

  Dog Park Friends Pot Luck!