Wednesday 25 April 2012

Rotisserie Filet of beef roast

This wine is amazing! Rated 90 points in Wine Advocate...

2009 Chateau Montelena 90 Points-

The 2009 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon is wonderfully supple and fragrant. Silky tannins frame a core of expressive dark red fruit. Floral and spice notes are nicely woven throughout. This textured, gracious Cabernet Sauvignon should continue to age gracefully for another 7-10 years, but it is awfully good right now. We opened the bottle two hours in advance of our dinner, which is (according to my Wine Enthusiast friend Jim), is what you do for any red wine. Delicious and smooth!! The blend includes 7% Merlot and 1.5% Cabernet Franc. $60.00 normally, Wineontheway price is $38.00, free shipping on any 12 bottles.
The Wineontheway icon is on the right, click and buy! This one tasted amazing with the filet of beef, below and with the Organic Dark chocolate shortbread, I served as part of the dessert. All 6 tasters loved it!
 Company coming!

I am pulling out Wee Bear's favorite!! When it comes to grilled beef, I believe the simpler the better.  The more you try to do to a tenderloin with marinades, injections, and sauces, you lose it's beefy luster.  I usually prefer just salt and pepper and garlic.Looking for a recipe to shock and awe your guests?  Look no further. Maybe it's not quite as flavorful as a prime rib, but it's still excellent. And there is something about beef tenderloin that says "luxury". You and your guests will appreciate it.

  Beef Tenderloin on the Rotisserie

*Do this 24 hours ahead, if possible, 8 hours at least.

3 - 3 1/2 lb beef tenderloin
2 tsp. Kosher salt
2 tsp. freshly ground pepper (I use multi-blend)
4-5 garlic cloves crushed

What you will need

Trim up your tenderloin, or have the butcher do it. I have a great relationship with my butcher, he knows my expectations and he goes out of his way to make sure I get the best of the best. (that and he knows he will be on the blog!!) Develop a relationship with your butcher, you will be rewarded!!

How to trim up your own filet of beef:

Use the following technique to remove the fat and membrane. For roasting it whole, it should be tied with twine as illustrated so that the meat keeps its shape and cooks evenly.
 STEP 1: To remove the thick layer of fat that covers the top of the fillet, use a sharp boning knife to separate the fat from the meat at one end, as illustrated. Grab the fat with your other hand and peel it back while working the knife underneath until all is removed. 
STEP 2: Carefully remove any of the translucent membrane on the surface of the meat by running the knife under it -do not slice away any meat in the process. Work with the knife and your fingers to clean the fillet.

STEP 3: One end of the fillet will be smaller and narrower than the other. This is called the tail. Flip the thin tail under the fillet and then tie it securely with kitchen twine. This is done for esthetic, as well as practical reasons; the tail will cook more evenly this way. Make several loops with the twine along the rest of the fillet.

The latest greatest garlic mincing tool!! I just love it...........why, you ask? There are so many different ones. The old fashioned one, (pictured below) which served us well in the beginning....well, we didn't know any better!! Difficult to clean and hard to get the minced garlic out of the bucket.

Here is the latest and I LOVE IT!

First, to get the skin off the garlic, press the flat side of your knife down on the clove of garlic hard. The skin cracks open for you to easily peel it off with your fingers.

 Made by Joseph Joseph, it is called the Rocker garlic crusher!

Crush garlic by pushing and rocking back and forth over the clove

Scoop crushed garlic into pan!!

Easy to clean! Just rinse! I found that for some stubborn pieces, a dish brush, quickly popped them out!!


Okay,............................wheres the BEEF?

Mince the 4-5 cloves of garlic, add 2 tsp. Kosher salt and  2 tsp freshly ground pepper. Rub this mixture all over your beef and put into a Ziploc bag. I use a Ziploc, as this aroma of the mixture permeates throughout the refrigerator. (It could actually add a garlic taste to other exposed food items in your refrigerator.) Refrigerate over night.

Scrape off the marinade, as much as you can, and skewer the tenderloin. Wrap with plastic wrap or foil (which foil will be used again after it is roasted, to give it a rest). Let it sit at room temp for two hours before putting it on the rotisserie.

About 20 minutes ahead, turn your rotisserie heat element on to HIGH. Close lid and let it preheat.

Put the filet of beef on and turn on the rotisserie unit. Let it cook with lid down for about 20 minutes. It should be done to med/rare at that point. Check with meat thermometer. (If you want your meat done to medium, turn the heat down to medium after ten minutes on the rotisserie. then use thermometer to check) Remove, tent with foil, and let the meat rest for 10 minutes. It will rise in temperature, about 8-10 degrees.  Remove from heat, before it reaches these temperatures, or it will be more done than you want it.

Well Done

Tent the beef for 10 minutes, while you prep the accompaniments.

                   Snip the strings, slice and serve. Wee Bear with Beth assisting!

The main course- Filet of Beef, Blue Cheese and Rosemary Scallop potatoes (this Fridays blog) and a mix of vegetables served inside a puff pastry envelope (next wed. blog) served with a beautiful Chateau Montelena Cabernet.

We bought a case, it is amazing!! And will be perfect with all this Summer's dinners!

The table, set ahead. the flowers in a double vase. It has an insert for the tulips. I wound bear grass around the outer bowl and filled with water. The inner bowl holds the tulips and water. We had planned to dine on the patio, but temperature this day was 100 F, we dined in. I found this vase at Safeway floral department, $19.95.

Eight blooms!! And over ten buds!!
 My secret - eight drops of Schultz Cactus Plus liquid plant food in 1 quart of water. Do this in March, to give you many beautiful blooms!

Just in time for our guests to see!! Welcome Wendy and Jim, from San Jose Del Cabo!! the vista's.

Cheers! See you on Friday! Joan 

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  1. Wow, the filet of beef looks amazing! The entire meal done perfectly! I need to get my rotisserie parts bought so I can make this dinner. Those cactus blooms are gorgeous!!

    I'm purchasing that new garlic press!

  2. Oh my! It is Wee Bear's favorite!! And it is so easy!! We will do this on your first Sunday in, day after the Cowboy party with Mongollan at Apache. We will have more wine to taste! I received a lovely white, to pair with clams. I will have Mutual overnight some Manilla clams favorite!! I have resisted using the bucket style garlic press, because I think it is clumsy and hard to clean, (I mince with a knife or in my small processor for large amounts) I love the new style, it comes stainless too!!

  3. I am making the blue cheese potato casserole tonight. It sounds delish!!!! Linda Walters

    1. I hope you enjoyed! One of my favorites! cheers!

  4. I made this for company last night! Love! Tt was perfectly done, flavorful and my guests think I am a chef! Thanks again for a recipe that is excellent! Jen

    1. Thank Jen! It is one of my favorite potato dishes! Cheers! JJ

  5. We made for Christmas, it was excellent!

    1. So glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting. Cheers! JJ


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