Saturday 11 February 2017

Valentines Day Lunch Box

The countdown to Valentines Day is on — and one of the things Mom or Dad can do to celebrate this love-filled day is make a special lunch for her/his tot. Whether you're packing a lunch box or serving your little one at home, these sweet Valentine's Day lunch ideas will have your kiddo head over heels by lunchtime!

When Valentine's Day is on a school-day, send your little Valentines out the door with a sweet lunchbox full of love. Plus, hopefully surprising them with some fun, but healthy, Valentine's lunch options in their lunchbox will help to counteract all of the sugar they're sure to have at their class party!

 Whether your little one likes proschuitto and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, you can cut the bread into a heart shape and make his/her favorite sandwich. 

A strawberry is the perfect Valentine shape for a healthy sweet treat! Other soft fruits such as cantalope, watermelon and cucumber slices can easily be cut into heart shapes to make Valentines just a little special.

You can easily pick up a heart-shaped cookie cutter at the grocery store and go to town creating a heart-filled lunch. Sandwiches can easily be made into hearts, whether your little one likes proschuitto and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, you can cut the bread into a heart shape and make his/her favorite sandwich. Or cut heart shape bites of pita bread to dip in hummus or another healthy dip.

Stuff celery with peanut butter or cream cheese and place dried cherries down the middle to create a heart.

Hidden Heart Pound Cake! The secret is so easy!! Go to Hidden Heart Pound Cake!

This Valentines day give your loved ones a delicious surprise that you made yourself. They will be in awe of your talent and be asking "how did you do that"!


Moms and Dads of boys are probably shaking their heads at all of these heart-shaped, full of pink ideas because they know that at a certain age, having their mom pack you a Valentine's Day themed lunchbox will be the biggest joke of the lunchroom! Instead, moms and Dads of boys can tone down these ideas by just including a Valentine's Day treat in their lunchbox, like the apple hearts below -- rather than an entire meal of pink and hearts. You can usually get by with sneaking in something cute and thoughtful to let your son know you're thinking of them on Valentine's Day if it's also sweet! A sweet note attached to their milk carton or tucked under their sandwich.


I found a good website to print loving, funny lunch box notes for any occasion, just go to Kids Acitvities and free printable notes.

These easy to put together appetizers for dinner will make the whole family swoon! I sliced a baguette, a little brie cheese, a couple slices of strawberry and drizzle with honey! So yummy and pretty!

Chocolate Shortbread Hearts
 Go to the link to find the 4 ingredient chocolate heart that put a smile on this little sweethearts face! She made them herself! Madison Lee

Valentine Popper's! You can make! Go to Valentine Poppers

Need an idea for a romantic dinner? Go to Chicken Wellington for Valentines!

Proposing on Valentines? Read about how these Proposal Brownies got their name! 

Dessert can't get any more festive and delicious than White Chocolate Cour le Creme with raspberry sauce.

Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee  this is easy and so delish!

And the beautiful mat I embroidered is easily made, go to Burlap Valentine mat!


I will not stop creating fun and cute things to make and do with my grand children. Just as I did with my children, I try to make everyday fun and every holiday special. 


  1. My Mom sent me to your blog, love it! I made the lunch for my kids with the apples instead of the hidden heart cake. The kids were thrilled! thanks! Gina

    1. Hi Gina! Yes, I know your Mother! I am glad you and your family enjoyed this fun activity! Enjoy! JJ


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