Monday 8 July 2013

Sports themed quilt for Jacob!

My recent creation in our current baby boom is a sports themed quilt! It was so fun to design and create! Laura our daughter and her husband Ross had decided on a sports themed nursery for their baby son. Laura was up from Eugene for a few days, so, we went shopping and actually found a fabric that Jabob's toy box was made from. I decided to back the quilt with that fabric and use coordinating fabrics for the sashing and binding.

I always draw out my quilt on a artist sketch pad, frequently I change things, but, I let my creative juices guide me. 

Laura and Ross, Jacob's parent's are both athletic, so I am certain that little Jacob will be involved in many sports. I personally can't wait to be there and watch his first ski or golf lesson!! It is so fun being a Grandparent!

Little Jacob and his adorable sister, Julia wrapped in love!

Machine quilting tip~

I just love the little nest that the birds build in the spring....... The birds are chirping outside my window and the birds are actively searching for blades of grass and small twigs to use in their nests. These nests are sort of architectural wonders, although they may seem like random assortments of sticks, they actually have a real sense of order if you study them closely. There is always a methodical and intentional arrangement of materials, which is admirable if you consider that often two birds are creating each nest. I learned about the nest building from an article I read, and was fascinated. Do you remember the nest I posted with the egg and the little Mother last Spring? She eventually hatched her chick, grew and flew away. I haven't seen them since, but, I really enjoyed being the mid wife for several weeks...........

However, there are some nests that I’d rather avoid, and those seem to appear on the backs of my quilts when I lose concentration, get tired or am in a rush. They have absolutely no sense of order and are the source of much frustration. 

The dreaded nests are made of a tangle of bobbin thread, always happening when I am in a hurry and skip the first key step in machine quilting of pulling up the bobbin thread before taking the first stitch. Pulling up the thread is simple, it is easy, and it is necessary. So why do I keep making this mistake? 

Follow these simple steps and your quilt will be nest free!

Position your quilt under the needle where you want to begin stitching.

Hold the tail of the thread coming from your needle and lower the presser foot. Begin rolling the sewing machine wheel towards you-slowly lowering and the raising the needle.

The bobbin thread usually emerges as a loop.

Maneuver the bobbin thread up and out of your way on top of the quilt. This can be done with tweezers or the tip of closed scissors.

 Maybe I’ll just have to mount a photo of a thread nest in my line of vision behind my sewing machine, to remind me! Whatever it takes!

 See you on Friday!


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  1. Beautiful quilt1 Nice work, and well thought out. Jess-Ontario


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