Sunday 18 March 2012

Yardage for Double Irish Chain Quilt

Our yard this morning! Hello! It's March! This is Scottsdale, Arizona! Our world is definitely having weird weather. We had such a warm Winter here in Arizona, that we should not complain! 

The golf course and mountains in our community. The mountain is where Bandit and I were hiking in 80 F, a few days ago.

Our Saguaro's are snow capped!

On the golf course yesterday in shorts, we ran across a herd of Javalena's.

 If you double click on pictures, you can enlarge. You will be able to see the javalena's as they make their way through the desert and golf course.

 Double Irish Chain Quilt: Yardage

You will find it helpful to have a rotary cutter, mat and Omni grid 24" ruler or equivalent. Cutting goes fast with this equipment.

Wall Quilt- 31X31 without borders        Baby Quilt-37"X52" w/o border              
Center Chain- 3/4 yard                        3/4 yard                   2 1/4 yard
Outer Chain- 1 yard                             1 1/4 yard                3 yard
Back ground- 1 1/8 yard                      1 1/2 yard                 3 3/4 yard
Queen- 70"X90"
center chain- 2 1/4 yard
outer chain- 3 yard
background-3 3/4 yard
 *Borders will require extra fabric, so buy extra, beyond what I have posted. To give you an idea:
Queen: 1/2 yard for a 2 1/2" cut- 2" finish
            1 yard for a 4 1/2 " cut- 4" finish
             Binding- 1 1/4 yard
                              This is a wall quilt size: Outer chain is the dark blue, center chain is the light blue and the background is the pink.

If you would like to follow along and make over the next month. Go out to your local quilt shop or fabric store and purchase your fabric. Jo-Ann's fabric stores have coupons, you can download the app to your smart phone. Look for Jo-Ann in your App store, and stop clipping coupons! 



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