Friday 23 March 2012

Let the Quilting Begin!! Double Irish Chain!

This morning I am teaching the first Art's Connection Quilt class at our club. I am also teaching you on line. If throughout this class, you have questions, please ask in the comments below. That comment goes to my e-mail, and I will be able to answer. Hopefully the diagrams are enough!! I will also take pictures of the class quilting progress today. So Saturday's blog, will have those pictures, plus a yummy recipe. I am thinking of a easy, but elegant chicken dijon with an optional fillo wrap! Yum yum!

    Okay, here we go! Read directions first, then, you will understand why we are doing certain steps!

 First, cut a small snip-it of fabric and pin it to the diagram next to the center chain, which on my diagram is the box with the vertical stripes going through it. If you can't print this diagram, then just draw a box on a scrap paper with stripes vertically. Next take a snip-it of fabric and pin it next to the diagram with the outer chain box, a plain box with a circle in the middle. Then, a snip-it of your background fabric and pin it next to the box with nothing in the middle. This will save a lot of frustration, when looking at the diagram, and sewing the strips into strata.

We are going to cut the strips first. I am using rotary equipment, so it goes fast. I will post pictures of that process tomorrow. But, those that have some knowledge of quilting can begin today! 

Baby size quilt:

Cut 9 Center Chain strips, 2" wide
Cut 16 Outer Chain strips, 2" wide
Cut 10 Background strips, 2"wide
Cut 5 Background strips, 5" wide

The Sewing:

Next, you will make your strata. following the diagrams, you will make 2 of Group A, sewing a center chain fabric to a outer chain fabric, then a background fabric to the outer chain, then, a outer chain to that, and a center chain to that.
Next, make 2 strata of  Group B, 1 of Group C, 2 of Group D and 3 of Group E.

When you finish the strata, press it, following the pressing diagrams below. Press the seams in the direction of the arrows. This will make it easier to fit the seams together and match them, so they are "perfect"!

                           *This is your only assignment until April 17. If you want to proceed, without my instruction, you may!! 

Here is the wall and queen size cutting instructions. The amount of strips to cut is to the right of the center chain, outer chain and background boxes. The queen info is in ( ).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         * Again, please ask any questions in the comment box and I will answer.

 The weather in Scottsdale has been beautiful, in the upper 70's F. Wee Bear and I are back to golf!! Happy Quilting!!

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