Wednesday 29 May 2013

A Pillow Trick! Jacob's pillow!

Laura, my step daughter, wanted a very special pillow for Jacob's nursery. She looked every where, and just couldn't find, " Just the right one"! I got wind of this, and asked if I could help. She loved the idea of having me make a custom pillow for little Jacob. She is designing Jacob's nursery around sports, so, I came up with a few ideas, she and I shopped for fabric together and I was off!

This is what I designed for Jacob's nursery!

 I learned the most amazing tip for sewing a pillow from Modern Patchwork 2012.

Whenever I make a pillow, I used to get pointy corners. It completely baffled me because I started out with a perfect square!

Here is the solution!

1) Measure and cut your pillow rectangle.
2) Mark the center of each side of the pillow.
3) Mark in ½" from each corner of the pillow.
4) Draw a line from each side's center to each corner, so that the pillow now looks like a slightly squished square.

5) Trim the pillow along these lines and sew as usual. No more pointy corners!

There now that solves one of Life's great mysteries!!

We had wonderful Memorial Day weekend with friends, golfing, walking, socializing and eating! Here is a couple of photo's of our last pizza party of the season!

Everyone had a great time! I will be blogging more about the food, so, just gave you a peek! Multiple appetizers, eight pizza's, three desserts and take away Extreme chocolate Chip Cookies!

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  1. How do you have all this energy? Do you sleep at all? Amazing! Then, you write about it!! I just love the pillow and all the decor I can see in Jacob's room. What a gifted group of girls you have. You should write a blog;-) Thank you for staying with us readers, it looks like you have a busy Summer! Beth- in Georgia


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