Monday 14 January 2013

A gift of love! Baby Quilt Idea!

One of the wonderful things about quilters is our ability to share the joy that each handmade project brings. Handmade baby quilts make wonderful gifts, and the smaller size makes them a manageable project to work on and finish! With a variety of baby quilt patterns to choose from in various collections, there is sure to be a design that you can create or customize for your little peep.  For beginning quilters I suggest selecting similar fabrics to those used in the baby quilt pattern, or if you are confident adapt fabric choices to suit your or the recipients tastes. You can make small changes using embroidery and finishing techniques, or add a personal touch by free-motion stitching all over the design. No matter which baby quilt ideas you decide on, you are sure to end up with a one-of-a-kind baby quilt that will be loved for generations.

My niece recently gave birth to a new little boy, who has captured all our hearts. He is so adorable and tiny. Allie had told me her theme for her nursery is green and brown with monkeys, turtles and giraffes. I was in the midst of making a quilt to be donated for a fund raiser, so had time to think about how to implement her colors and animals into a cherished quilt.

I start with a sketch and ideas written on my sketch pad. It may just be the blocks, then I fill in as ideas pop in my head. I don't use a formal pattern, this is when those mathematical skills you learned way back when, come in I hope you paid attention!!

Then I put together the fabrics. Sometimes taking from my stash, or just browsing through the fabric shops. I had these picked out in the beginning, but, as the quilt developed I threw some out, and added others.

I browse the internet websites for patterns to either digitize for my Bernina 830 LE, or that I can buy and download. Keeping in mind, they have to have a similar characteristic. In other words, baby, adult, animated or real life, they must be similar in nature. This can take a lot of time, just in the planning stages. Once I have everything in place then, I am off and having some fun!

I just loved this block! I chose some pastel colors, to give the quilt some pop!

I stuck to the color theme for Ryder's nursery mostly.

This fabric was perfect for the giraffe!

I trailed the vines across all the blocks on the top of the quilt to give it a jungle look, as if the monkey's were swinging across the entire quilt.

In my Scottsdale home, I have two work areas going when I am making a quilt. One area is my sewing room, where the 830 LE is sewing the embroidered blocks. The other is my kitchen nook table, where I have a Bernina basic machine, and I am assembling the quilt.

Sashing between the blocks.

The finale is free motion quilting the backing to the front(I did stippling), binding and labeling the quilt. I also used stitch in the ditch with a walking foot.

The final touch is the label.

I am thrilled to say, my niece uses the quilt I made continually. Everytime I see little Ryder, he is wrapped in this quilt. Shawn, Allie's husband and Ryder's Father, said, " we want him to be wrapped in love". What a lovely sentiment, I will never forget.

My Bernina 830 is an amazing machine which has a Jumbo hoop, enabling me to design and create larger designs. Any of the designs can be made on a smaller scale with other embroidery machines.

I hope I have given my quilter followers some inspiration. I hope you will think about setting aside some time, today,to think about one special gift you give to yourself: your commitment to creativity. 



  1. Aunt Joan ,
    Really there are few words to describe how amazing you truly are in all you do. This quilt you crafted for Ryder is nothing less than intriguing . The details are relished all over it. I am comforted knowing Ryder is snuggled in warmth and love hand crafted from his Auntie Joan ! You are a Rock Star in this family and we are truly blessed by all you do!
    All our love ; Allie & Ryder
    And that goes for all the quilts you have poured your heart into for my kids! Thank you !!!

    1. Gushhhhhh.......smiling widely.......thank you! I love what I do, especially when it is sooooo appreciated!! I really love every challenge given to me, sometimes, it is not in my "bandwidth", and it needs more thought............but I love that, I love challenging myself.....thank you for being so sweet and saying it from the heart, it is unforgettable, as you and all my little grand nieces and nephews are! Love you! Auntie Joan

  2. ohh so cute deigns i love it specially elephant how to do that ...
    Custom Embroidery Digitizing

    1. Hi Alex! Thanks for commenting! I bought the pattern from OES designed for Bernina. Cheers! JJ


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