Saturday 1 October 2016

How to make Splattered shoes!

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Whether it is for a paint party or a gruesome blood splattered pair of shoes for Halloween, I will show you how to DIY! 

 Channel your inner Jackson Pollack and let some DIY ideas inspire hacking action! Let your imagination flow you can make a pair of old shoes new again, a pair of jeans into an art statement, even a leather chair can be transformed from basic to boldly beautiful in no time! Enjoy!

I used Acrylic paints, found at Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics, art stores and on line.

 Now for larger projects and for a thicker spray, use a 2 inch or larger paint brush. You may want to flick your wrist in this case. A vegetable brush or dish brush, you can experiment with different sizes to get the effect you would like for your project.

I just found these cool jeans on Zulilly, you can DIY!

Wee Bear and I are back from a fabulous holiday in Croatia and in Venice. We were in Dubrovnik for a few days then boarded the beautiful yacht, Crystal Espirit. We spent a week going from port to port and few few extra days in Venice shopping:-) One of the highlights of our cruise was driving a submersible with the captain of Espirit. He let ME drive!!! It was amazing! Here is a picture of the submersible, it is lifted off the back of the yacht with a large lift and placed into the water. If you ever get a chance to do this....DO IT!!! It was a bucket list item I didn't even know about! Fun times!

Captain Martin and I!

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