Thursday 20 October 2016

Halloween Wrap Up!!


These Halloween recipe ideas are so tasty, it’s spooky.
All Hallow’s Eve is coming up, and that means there’s a frighteningly good time to be had!

Whether you’re dressing up to head out or want to host a hauntingly fab party, you’re gonna need some terrifyingly tasty treats.

Lucky for you, I've done the ghoul’s share of the work by assembling this magnificent list of killer concoctions that are guaranteed to be party pleasers! 

Let's start with drinks! This Bloody Bloody Bellini is festive and tasty!

For the young ghosts and goblins Hot Cocoa!

For snacking my little Zombie likes Caramel Corn
Step aside, Oreo's there's a scary new dessert for the season. This Halloween, prepare some truly creepy Black Widow Spider Bites

For a more complex cookie, you could make these Halloween Cut outs by Amy! If giving a gift to a favorite teacher or a neighbor you could package them decoratively with raffia and ribbon......

You also can purchase cookies or make your favorite chocolate chip cookie or make Tink's Chocolate Chip Cookie and decorate to make these Spider Infested Chocolate Chip Cookies!

If you're looking to make some new treats that aren't too tricky on Halloween, these treats will make your spooky party even more fun! Ghost Cookies

These Pumpkin Cookies with Penuche Frosting would be delicious with a hot cup of tea of icy cold milk for your older goblins!

 The kids will love receiving these crafty treats! This year I made these cute little "Mummy Bars" using Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars!

Apple Cider Donuts are fun for a child's party or a fun activity together!

  How cute are these ghostly pot de crème? Go to Pots de creme for the pudding recipe. Then using a round tip and pastry bag, pipe the little ghost into your cup. Then place the eyes. Candy eyes are available at Michaels, Amazon or JoAnn's.

I always like to make something fun for the kiddo's before they go out trick or treating, these are so easy and you can make the filling ahead and cut the peppers in the morning Stuffed Halloween Peppers!

I carved this pumpkin pictured below last year! It was a lot of fun! This year I am carving a dinosaur with my grandson!  

Because we live in Arizona part of the year, I learned a trick to preservation- I've read a few websites that said you should coat the cut surface with Vaseline or you can use something called "Pumpkin Preserver" that you buy at the Halloween store.

I doubt it will surprise you if I told you I don't do either of those things.

For one thing, I hope to get through my entire life without covering anything with Vaseline. Second, I am not making a special trip to a store for something called Pumpkin Preserver. I don't have time for that.

Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach. You could probably use any cleaner with bleach in it, but I used Chlorox Clean-Up in the experiment and it worked really well. I've since tried Tilex and also the dollar-store brand and they all work.

So, I suggest you go into the cleaner cabinet as soon as you are done carving and spray away. I spray all of the cut surfaces as well as the entire insides. Don't forget to do the underside of your pumpkin's cap, it doesn't get a free pass.

This one application seemed to increase the shelf-life of your pumpkin by 100%, all for just one spraying. I suppose you could do even better if you sprayed it every few days, but I didn't. After all, it's time on earth is fleeting.

If you want to make your pumpkin last for a really long time and cost is no object, you can pickle it. Submerge the entire pumpkin in white vinegar. Some folks use a fish tank, but I use a clear bucket from the restaurant supply store. A pumpkin submerged in vinegar seems to last for months, but the cost of vinegar can easily outstrip the cost of the pumpkin!


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