Wednesday 26 August 2015

Transportation themed quilt- so adorable!

This cute little quilt is very quick to make as it is pre printed! Go to Michael Miller fabrics to purchase. You can cut them apart and use them how you would like. I made this new born quilt for my grandson Cooper and a soft fabric crinkle book as well! I purchased my crinkle fabric from American Felt and Craft.

You get 10 big pictures and 10 small pictures for each panel that you order. There are 2 rows of big pictures and 1 row of small pictures in each panel. You can sew it together in many different ways. I just love the antique old toy look! 

Here's Cooper wrapped in Grandma's love, a couple days after he was born!

This little guy, my grandson, Cooper is this recipient of this cute little quilt! 



  1. Adorable quilt and child! Sally

  2. Your grandson is so adorable, he should be in commercials! The quilt is beautiful and is a perfect newborn size. I am a beginner, will sew this one for my sister and nephew, who will soon arrive. Thank you for your continued efforts of writing a informative and fun blog. Alison S- Portland


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