Saturday 30 November 2013

Turkey Day Leftovers!

The Thanksgiving dinner was amazing and I couldn't hardly wait to dive my fork in when it was served. TT roasted the moist  and delicious was devoured completely! Amy and TT hosted the perfect Thanksgiving dinner! With relatives present, the new focus...the cousins, our Grandchildren. They played and played, with even the youngest getting in on a sing along to "The Wheels on the bus"! We joked how our children have changed, from night clubbing in Cabo San Luca's, when we lived there, to now, diaper stations, early dinners and bedtimes, nursing area's and playing, playing, playing on the floor with everyone! Everyone was laughing and enjoyed the day!

 The left overs- I like to make a turkey breast at home in the AM, so that we have left overs at home for me to create new ways to use them. I would be probably be perfectly happy using all of the leftover turkey in my favorite turkey wraps, but, it is challenging and fun to come up with new ways to use left over turkey. I  love the challenge to doing something new and creative with the leftovers year to keep things interesting.  If you roasted a full turkey, don't throw the carcass out as you can use it to make some turkey noodle soup and that opens up a whole new load of doors for turkey soups and stews. I like to add tarragon to my left over chicken and turkey, then let it sit over night. Just pop it in a storage container for a quick salad protein add on!

Julia! Helping Grandma!!

Family time!

Left overs for breakfast another option for left overs!

Short blog! Having too much fun with family!



  1. I like Tarragon, thanks! Sue

  2. Thanks for commenting Sue! I keep tarragon chicken in the fridge all the time for a quick protein bite! Cheers! JJ


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