Monday 11 November 2013

The Great Pizza Smack Down!!

My adult children- Holly (Tink), Dustin (TT) and me!
A few years ago, the Seattle area was a mediocre pizza town, dominated by Domino's and the like.  Fast-forward to the present and suddenly everybody’s a pizza critic and pizza is the subject of rapt attention and furious loyalties!

So, when my son proclaimed that he had found the best pizza, my daughter said "No Way"!! I set out to make sense of the pie profusion. We call it the "Great Pizza Smackdown".

I flew into Seattle from Phoenix for a couple of months, to enjoy the holidays and care for my Granddaughter while my daughter goes back to work. When I heard that there was an argument over whose pizza is best, I said, "I will fly in my favorite pizza, TT you bring in your newly found pizza and Tink will bring her favorite. We will have a "Smackdown," as soon as the wheels hit the tarmack!!" DONE!

With the help of our driver, Ted, we came up with a point system for the "Smackdown" on the way to the airport...... a lot of thought went into this point system!!

With only a few minor difficulties, we had a party! 

First we  had "pre-smackdown" wine, as we reheat the contenders, then, we numbered them.

Everything is better with wine!
JJ and Wee Bear's
#1 Braised Rib Pizza - flown in from Blanco in the Phoenix airport, terminal 4
Ingredients-Braised rib, Asadero cheese, anchego cheese  oaxaca cheese,  Pico de Gallo and avocado.

A Fox concept restaurant, has multiple locations in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tucson area.
 Holly and Nate's

 #2 Pulled Pork Pizza from Flying Squirrel- Seattle
Ingredients- Pulled pork, cilantro, red onion, cotija cheese and a drizzle of lime.

Flying Squirrel has several locations in the Seattle area
Dustin and Amy's  

#3 Meat Lovers Special -hand picked ingredients- from Mod Pizza, multiple locations in Seattle, Eastside and South Seattle. Ingredients- Red sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, onion, mozzarella.

The point system-

Freshest Ingredients 2 points
Best cheese-2 points
Thinnest crust-2 points
Tastiest crust- 1 point
Best pizza sauce- 2 points
Best toppings- 2 points
Uniform slices- 1 point (LOL there was even some arguing over this)
Eye appeal- 2 points
Healthiest-1 point

Tie's go to convenient location!

Note the scoring pads!

Go figure.......Oh, there was arguments. And that’s as it should be; pizza’s a rough-and-tumble kind of food. But know this:  Pizza really is like sex—even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty damn good!! 

                                      The Results!
Location won out-To be fair the smack down was held on the Eastside, near Mod, however, if it had been held at my Mercer Island house, as originally planned, Flying Squirrel would be the winner. Flying Squirrel is a gourmet pizza, where as, Mod is a take out pizza place. Both are very good for what they are. Mt entry from Blanco is technically a "Crispy", but, is much like a pizza.

 Lot's of fun was had by our "Smackdown"! You can do this with any food, ribs, hamburgers, chili, the possibilities are endless. We even had a "ice cream smack down" last Summer. Just a spirit for fun, a sense of humor and good times is needed!!

Bentley, Moose and Bandit


  1. How fun! I want to do this. My family is always arguing over who has the best hamburger, pizza, and fishn chips! Thanks for a recipe for fun! Mary- NY

  2. This is a fun idea! You really do know how to throw a party. We have been to many and you are beyond the best entertainer. Thanks! Jim

  3. saved my life, cannot believe i was missing out on the pastry shrimp for my whole life <3


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