Monday 5 November 2012

Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet!

These two adorable cousins are our Grandchildren! Emma who is almost 6 months in this picture and Julia who turned 1, sitting on her tuffet!!

A tuffet, pouffe or hassock is a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat. It is distinguished from a stool by being completely covered in cloth so that no legs are visible. It is essentially a large hard cushion that may have an internal wooden frame to give it more rigidity. Wooden feet may be added to the base to give it stability, at which point it becomes a stool or a footstool. If the piece is larger, with storage space inside it, then it is generally known as an ottoman.
A couple of years ago I took a "Tuffet" class with my friend Fawn, from Myra at Northwest Quiltworks in Bellevue,Wa. We had so much fun and started making  the cutest little footstools/child's tuffet. I thought, what a perfect gift for a child! They just love to sit and have their Mom, Dad, Grandpa or Grandma read them a story. Story time was big in my children's lives, they still remember that special time. And now, I am making these tuffet's for my Grandchildren, on their first Birthday, so that they can have their own special seat for story time. Wee Bear buys three story books to complete our traditional 1st Birthday gift to our grandchildren. To date of January 2017 I have made 10 tuffets for my grandchildren and a few others as gifts. I have one more to make the end of 2017, for grand child number 11.

Note the hand painted muffin feet. I used acrylic paint and painted each muffin foot to resemble a different ball; basketball, Titliest Pro-V 1 golf ball, football and a baseball. I also embroidered a sports clothes line as part of my signature label, the down loadable pattern on Embroidery Library.


Cute at a Button- Madison's first Birthday Party!
 For Madison Lee's First Birthday I made a elasticized secondary cover for her early years. I added tulle for a tutu around the outer cover. If you have a ruff and tumble child, I would not recommend, as it is delicate, but, washable in lingerie bag. I added cute buttons and thin ribbon around the edges. Below is Madison Lee and the permanent cover pictured below Madison's picture.


This is Fawn's first tuffet. Gorgeous warm colors..........

I just love my little foot stool, it adds a perk to my room!

Olivia's first Birthday brought some new idea's into mind. If I made a tuffet for her to sit on when she was young, it would most likely get dirty. So, hmmmmm.....why not make a cover, themed with her favorite story, nursery theme or character, that is elasticized so it could be washed?? I made two covers, the permanent cover "teen cover" and a cover that I elastized, for her toddler years. Olivia's Mom decided that her 1st Birthday theme was "Princess Minnie Mouse". I made the cover using a sparkle embossed cotton pink fabric and white. My friend Fawn, who owns a embroidery business, embroidered "Princess Olivia" on it and I embellished the button with Minnie's head and a tiara. Adorable!! 

 This tuffet for Julia's Owl themed First Birthday was made with the same idea, a secondary cover for her early years. This time I added tulle for a tutu around the outer cover. If you have a ruff and tumble child, I would not recommend, as it is delicate, but, washable in a lingerie bag.

I added Julia's name with my new embroidery machine!
Julia's nursery is a WHOOOOOT!! So beautiful!

Julia's "Teen Tuffet" was made with a lot of her Mom and Dad's favorite college team's colors!
This is Cooper's tuffet done in Seahawk fabric! I took chenille trim and sewed between every four wedges.

Myra Mitchell created this pattern and it is copy written. You can buy the pattern at Quiltworks Northwest or take a class from her there. I found her square tuffet pattern which was featured in a magazine, on the internet. To purchase the round pattern you may contact Myra at her e-mail - or call her directly at  425-392-5798. 

Square pattern on internet at-

Classes or purchase of pattern-
Gossypium Quilt Shop
355 NW Gilman Blvd ste 102
Isaaquah, Wa 98027
Phone 425-557-7878

Mackenzie's tuffet - the outer cover is a "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" theme. The permanent cover is a tone on tone fabric of dots, rainbow.

I always personalize my quilt or tuffet. Here is a sample on Julia's tuffet.

This Tuffet I made for my niece, Cierra, who had just graduated high school. She has started going to a community college. I made a secondary cover, but she loves the permanent cover. I added two different trims with a glue gun to give it the look I was wanting.

Supplies for this project include:

1/8 yard of 15 to 20 fabrics (or 64 different fabrics)
6" square of coordinating fabric
5/8 yard of coordinating fabric
2 yards (12 ounce) upholstery batting
2 yards muslin
roll of freezer paper
12" Add-A-Quarter Ruler  (Quiltworks or other quilt shops)
2 1/2 " Button for covering or a button of your choice (I found at Pacific fabrics, Seattle)
3/4" plywood (ONLY) 18" round board (I had my friend Mike cut me a entire piece of plywood into rounds, Thanks Mike!)
2-3" X 18X18 or 1-6"X 18"X18" Piece of Foam Rubber (I found at Pacific Fabrics in Seattle, and they cut it for you, just bring your pattern)
Upholstery Spray Adhesive
Upholstery thread
12" Upholstery needle
Bun feet or Wood legs (Lowe's or
Primer(Kilz spray) (for feet)
paint- several colors or stain (for feet)
Spray sealer- flat, satin or high gloss
medium grade sand paper
Drill and 5/16 drill bit
4 tee nuts 5/16" X 1/2"
4 Hanger bolts 5/16"X2 1/2"
Staple gun and staples
Optional accessories: beads, soutache braid, piping, tulle or ruffles 

Here are some pictures of the work party I had to prepare the base for Julia's tuffet. We had so much fun!!


This is the adhesive I use for adhering the two foam pieces together and onto the board.

Stapling the two layers of batting to the base.

Stapling the cover over the batting.

I use a electric staple gun, easier on the hand.

I have several tips that may or may not be included in your pattern. 

1. Wash all your fabrics to preshrink the fabric.
2. The feet can be bought at Lowe's or on line
3. The Hanger Bolts need to be 2 1/2", replace the bolts that come with the feet, if they are included.
4. I finish the bottom of the feet with felt 

 Here you see the fabrics I chose for Julia's nursery tuffet cover and the bolder fabrics for her teen tuffet.

This tuffet is so fun to make, and my Grandchildren and their parents just love it! The black and white one I made for myself is really fun and adds a punch to the room it is in! It makes a nice extra seat when you have a crowd! This would be a very nice gift for Christmas/Hanukkah  for a loved one or one of your Grandchildren! Or, make in collegiate color's for a college student! Cut the mascot or logo for top of button.


  1. Julia's tuffet will be cherished forever! Thank you for all the hard work and love that you put into it. I didn't realize it was a group effort! Thanks to the guys for helping, too.

  2. Sewing and crafting is all about "family"! Giving hand made gifts to our loved ones can take hours & hours and sometimes be very expensive, but it's always worth the effort. Thank you Joan for being such a great role model.

  3. @ Laura, well, you've seen our garage....have you ever seen a tool?? TT has a entire hardware store at his house!

    @ Fawn, Yes, it is all about family! And I believe you are a great role model too!!

    Pat pat pat....I feel the pats on my back, do you?:-))

  4. Loved looking at all the pictures you have showing the creation of Julia's tuffet. It was so fun seeing her climb up on it. It's gorgeous and knowing all the time and talent you put into these tuffets makes them all the more special.

    1. Thanks Amy! I get so many comments, sometimes I don't get to them! I love making these tuffets! Cheers! Mom PS I am making one for Maia without any frame, I will finish when I get back in March!

  5. What is the plastic around the bottom piece of foam? And is it 2/3" x 18" x 18" or 2 to 3" x 18" x 18" and are you putting two layers of that? Thanks!

    1. Hi Voiceoreason! There is just two pieces of 4" foam 18 x`18, no plastic. The pattern calls for 2- 3" 18x18 or 1 - 6" 18x18. The foam is covered with the batting, I don't picture that step, I will get that picture next tuffet I make in a couple weeks. Thanks for commenting! JJ

    2. I have posted the pictures of the batting! I hope that helps! Cheers! JJ

  6. Love your tuffets! I am coming late to the tuffet mania and just found your wonderful page.

    I know the directions call for the foam to be 6" thick (1-6" piece or 2-3" pieces), but in your reply to a comment, you said you used 2 pieces of 4" foam. Really? I like the idea of the thicker foam, and thus taller tuffet, but wanted to make sure that the fabric top will actually cover foam that is that much thicker than what the pattern advises.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yes, their is plenty of wiggle room to make it 2 four inch thick pieces. I made Mackenzie's above with 2 four inch pieces. Post your pictures, I's love to see! Cheers! JJ

  7. Hi MMorton~ Thank you for the kind words! I used two 4" pieces as it is easier to find. You will have plenty of fabric still, no worries!! You can also make it a bit higher by choosing taller legs. Let me know how it goes and post a picture, would love to see!!

    My daughter's puppy loves the tuffet too, so, I am making one a little bigger around, will need to adjust the pattern for this! She is cute, lays her belly over it! Cheers! JJ

  8. I love your ability to put color combinations together. I am going to purchase this pattern from Myra, thank you for sharing! Just beautiful! Ann

    1. Hi Ann, I noticed it is still in stock at the Bellevue, Wa. store. Good luck! Thanks for commenting. Cheers! JJ

  9. husband is driving me nutsy - so I have some questions... The "screws" being put into the bun feet - is that "allthread" he is using? And, do you cut some of it off - I am worried about that much metal poking up through the foam. Also, does he use an insert before putting the threaded piece into the bun feet? If not, won't it work itself loose?

    1. Hi Rob, The screws are 5/16" X 2 1/2" hanger bolts. The foam is 6 inches thick with the two layers. I do not cut the screw off. I have made 10 tuffet's, with no problem of the screw being felt at all. I am in the middle of making another one now! We pound a tee nut into the wood, which secures the screw.....that being said, I have had a couple tuffet's, that had problem with the feet falling out, the tee nut came loose. With help from my son-in-law Ross and lot's of discussion, we used "Gorilla Glue" and secured the tee nut. I have used different types of plywood, and have found that the problem lies in the wood. You can buy precut rounds of good quality plywood at Lowes. Or just plan on securing the tee nut with "Gorilla Glue" or similar product, to be sure. The bun feet have not had a problem with the screw getting loose. The bun feet are made of good quality wood. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for commenting! Cheers! JJ

  10. Your tuffet's are the most creative and beautiful I have seen. What a wonderful gift!

    1. Thanks Sue! I love making them and get requests a lot!! I do not sell them, my time in to each one is more than someone would pay. I am thinking of making a taller square version for our living room, more formal with fringe.

  11. I love all of them!
    My favorite is the one that is the 9th picture from the top.....those colors just incredible together
    Can you tell me where can I buy them Please?
    I would love to use them for a quilt blanket for my granddaughter
    Ilooked up in Arizona if they would have a class to go and learn how to make the tuffet ,but I did not find
    Amazing job you did!!!

    1. Hi! I used a Jelly roll for that one and I think it was Moda. You might giggle Moda Jelly tool and see if it comes up. It's older, but, most likely still around. I saw a pattern at 35th street sew and vacuum in Phoenix. It is not the pattern I used (Myra's) but, same tuffet. I hope this helps!!! Thanks for commenting!!! Cheers! JJ

  12. Love your tuffet. I've made one tuffet in a class so now have the basics. My next tuffet will be for my one year old grand daughter and I love your idea of the permanent tuffet and a temporary tuffet for her earlier years. Could you provide information regarding modifications you made to the tuffet pattern for the elastized version? Thanks in advance for your help.

  13. Hi PJ! I didn't make much change in the alteration of the elasticized version. When you make the second cover, I just cut out a circle of fabric for the button, put a iron on fusible about 3/8" smaller than the circle and ironed on wrong side. Then I ironed the allowance under.(I hope you understand) Then just top stitch into place. put the 2nd cover on over the permanent cover and decide how much you want to cut off, leaving enough to make a casing for the elastic and it is under the sides of the stool. It will rest on the legs when finished, however if you put a skirt of tulle or something you won't see isn't really noticeable anyway! I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, come back and I will answer. Thanks for commenting! JJ

  14. Thank you for giving your tips for finishing the tuffet! How close to the edge did you out the tnuts? I don't want mine to tip over when my granddaughter climbs aboard. Thanks

    1. Hi! I mostly use the bun feet, as pictured above, they are the sturdiest. When drilling the holes, put the bun foot on the plywood round and make sure it won't be outside the edge of the tuffet, when assembled. I am going to say 2"- 2 1/2" from the edge of the plywood round. I have used different feet, however, they are not as sturdy for a toddler. I hope this helps! Thanks for commenting! JJ


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